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The Chalk Man By C.J. Tudor

(Penguin Books)

It’s 1986 and 12-year-old Eddie and his friends visit the town fair on their own for the first time. A fun day out turns tragic, but it’s also here that they meet Mr Halloran, the Chalk Man, who inspires them to create a coded language using chalk. The friends leave secret messages for each other for a few weeks after the incident at the fair, until one day chalk messages start appearing on their own… and lead to a dead body. Thirty years later, Eddie is shocked when a drawing and a piece of chalk mysteriously arrive in the post – and it forces him to find out what really happened all those years ago. A compelling novel with unexpected turns.

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Anatomy Of A Scandal By Sarah Vaughan

(Simon & Schuster)

Sophie can’t believe her husband James, a high-profile junior government minister and loving father to their children, could be guilty of the sex crime he’s accused of. But for lawyer Kate Woodcroft, James isn’t innocent and she’s going to prove it. Just before he’s charged with rape, James confesses to Sophie that he’s been having an affair… was it ‘just sex’ like he claims, or was it something far more heinous? A slow-burning courtroom drama.

Bitter By Francesca Jakobi

(Orion Publishing)

It’s 1969 and Gilda is estranged from her son Reuben after walking out on him when he was a small boy. She’s never forgiven herself, yet she yearns for a normal mother-son relationship. Now grown-up, Reuben marries Alice who’s everything Gilda isn’t, and who receives the love from her son that Gilda craves. What does Alice have that she doesn’t, and how far will Gilda go to find out? A moving story about the fragility of love and relationships.

One Cornish Summer By Liz Fenwick

(Orion Publishing)

At age 53, academic and historian Hebe is left reeling after she’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She worries about what this actually means for her, her work, and the people whom she loves. As her memory starts to slip away, Hebe decides to move into the family house in Cornwall – where she spent many happy childhood summers. Struggling with changes in her own life, Lucy follows her aunt to the coast, where she has to face a secret from her past. A beautiful story about self-discovery and what is truly important in life.

The Perfect Girlfriend By Karen Hamilton

(Headline Publishing)

Juliette Price will stop at nothing to get exactly what she wants – even if that means visiting her ex-boyfriend Nate Goldsmith’s home, while he isn’t there. It’s been six months since they broke up, but she knows they’re meant to be – she’s even become a flight attendant for the airline where Nate is a pilot, so she can keep tabs on him. An unputdownable psychological thriller about how far an obsession can go.

Essentials Book Of The Month Two Sisters By Åsne Seierstad

(Little, Brown)

Somalian sisters leila and ayan leave their home in norway, which they share with their immigrant parents sadiq and sara. the radicalised teenagers are en route to syria to aid the Islamic state, IsIs. Desperate to bring them back home, sadiq follows his daughters to turkey and then across the border. while attempting to negotiate with IsIs he is abducted, pressured to enlist and then tortured as a spy. author seierstad shares this true story – that spans somalia, norway, turkey, and syria – about a family divided by faith.

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