Weight Loss Exercises While Sitting Down

Portion sizes are important. Keep them small, to the recommended size.

Omelette Omelettes are simple and easy to do:

2 eggs 160kcal Small mixed salad 17kcal Total 177kcal

Add other ingredients to make your omelette more interesting: Mushrooms, cheese or ham and add the additional calories to the total.

Salads Easy to prepare, salads are a great Low Calorie Day food.

Small mixed salad 17kcal

Small mixed salad with 2 slices of ham & French beans 98kcal Small mixed salad with chicken breast & brown rice 176kcal Small mixed salad with cottage cheese & egg 124kcal Small mixed salad with tuna and tomato 112kcal Small mixed salad with egg & ham 134kcal Small mixed salad with tofu and couscous 112kcal Small mixed salad with prawns & brown rice 142kcal Bean salad Cannellini beans, cooked French beans, celery,

Spring onion, tomato, olive oil 210kcal ‘On toast’

Scrambled/poached egg on toast with butter 191kcal Sardines on toast with butter 194kcal Avocado and tomato on toast with butter 176kcal Mushrooms on toast with butter 118kcal Other suggestions Cauliflower 70g, cheese sauce, 5 tablespoons 140kcal Macaroni 70g, cheese sauce, 5 tablespoons 235kcal Pasta 70g, olive oil 1 tablespoon 246kcal Pasta 70g, pesto 1 tablespoon 150kcal Brown rice 30g, prawns 30g, bean sprouts 30g, peas 30g 157kcal Keep your Low Calorie Day menus simple and easy to prepare. Draw up a list of meal options you can refer to so you don’t have to spend lots of time thinking about food or its preparation.

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