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Be careful where you put your trust – know your enemy

Surely all food is good for you? If it tastes good, stops you from feeling hungry and gives you energy, isn’t that okay? Well, it might well have been okay in your evolutionary past, but today the story is a very different one.

Never before have we had such a variety of foods available to us. The supermarket shelves are groaning under the weight of beautifully packaged, tempting foods. But are they all they seem? Should we trust the branded foods we know so well?

Perhaps the question should be asked in a different way. Should we trust a lightly regulated, huge and highly profitable food industry, which uses its corporate power to influence governments to avoid regulation, to produce food that does us no harm? The clue is in the question. Where there is the opportunity for huge profits, and where those in power allow corporations to influence decisions to favour their best interests rather than for the common good, the answer has to be an emphatic ‘NO’!

This is such a pity because the food industry has been hugely innovative, delivering some really fantastic, great-value products. However, some of the food that food companies produce have had a devastating effect on our bodies, our hormones, our health and our quality of life.

The amount of SUGAR, salt, saturated fat, the lack of essential fibre and the addition of weird and wonderful additives included by food companies’ culinary alchemists, has produced processed foods that come close to being classed as toxic, when they’re consumed in quantity – which so many of them are. Particularly shocking are the high levels of sugar in processed foods and drinks. No surprise that the rise in sugar consumption has gone hand-in-hand with the rise in obesity over the last thirty years.

When it comes to food, you need to have trust in your own judgement. Good judgement comes from knowledge. You have to build up your knowledge about food, about how it affects you, about understanding why there is an evolutionary mismatch, and by gathering intelligence about processed food so that you will never be taken in by misleading claims and disingenuous marketing.

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