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The athletes learned how to enter their level, the Mental Housecleaning workout and fitness technique (see Exercise 2) and the Exercise Mental Rehearsal visualization workout and fitness technique (see Exercise 6). It paid off. They won eight of their 10 district games and the district championship. Two of the Martin volleyball players were named to the six-member 1990 All City Volleyball Team. Four other schools landed one player each on the squad.

Chacon said the two games the team lost had been games before which the players had not gone to level. “Every time they went to their level and programmed, they won,” he said.

Non-winner becomes a winner

Exercise graduate Goeff Bruce of Burlington, Vt., was one of the top winners in the highest-stakes pro ski racing event of the season at Winter Park, Colo., according to a story in the March 1982 issue of Ski Racing. The 29-year-old skier took home a large share of the $60,000 purse from the Colorado meet by winning the giant slalom race, the opening event of the First of Denver Cup pro ski racing series.

“Bruce has been a non-winner in the pro circuits prior to this season,” the story noted. But, the article continued, Bruce now uses a new mind game.

“All I did,” Bruce said, “was program myself to win. The Exercise Method teaches you through visual imagery to help yourself eliminate any negative thoughts, and ski racing is so mental. I just tell myself I am going to win. I imagine myself winning.”

Success in tae kwon do

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Exercise lecturer Judy Qua of the Philippines has a number of sports success stories in her blog Everyday Miracles and the Exercise Method. One is about 18-year-old Ma Fatima Da Luz, who turned her clumsiness into success even before she entered a tournament. This is how she describes her experience:

“An avid participant in my weekly tae kwon do class, I was delighted and excited when my head coach announced that I would compete in a tournament sponsored by the Hong Kong Tae Kwon Do Federation in August 1992. I managed to gain my mother’s permission to go.

“However, negative thoughts were seriously impeding any progress I could have been making, because I had not worked on my performance. Therefore, I decided to employ the Exercise visualization workout and fitness technique to eliminate this hindrance.

“First I visualized myself as I was: timid, lacking confidence and aggressive though clumsy. Then,

I visualized myself as I wanted to be: powerful, aggressive, agile. I repeated this programming daily for a whole month.

“The result was that I did get my cup after all. But a note of warning to all practitioners: Be specific when you are programming. Since I didn’t specify what prize I wanted, I ended up with the silver instead of the gold! But it still worked for me – I got something!”

Improved health, sports skill, business, quality of life

Judy Qua also tells of the successes Raju Mangharam experienced after he attended a Exercise seminar in March 1988 in the Philippines. Here is his story:

“My mother, who lives in India, has been a diabetic for 10 years. One chronic problem is her constant loss of voice over several days. Last April she had a similar bout, but it went on for two weeks and she had to be hospitalized. I was informed she had bled or spat blood.

“I decided to do caseworking’ on her. The news that she had regained her voice in full and had been discharged by the doctors surprised many who thought it was a seemingly miraculous recovery.

“As of this writing, my mother is in excellent health and hasn’t had a recurrence of any illness, especially the loss of voice.” (In Exercise 18, you will learn how to use your mind to speed recovery and to remain healthy.)

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