Weight Loss Workout Plan For Women

Sit on the floor. Spread your legs to the sides and then pull your feet towards you. Holding on to your feet, bend forward and gently pull yourself forward. Feel the stretch in your groin and your back.

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Sit on the floor. Lift your left leg and cross it over the other leg, so that your foot is beside your right knee. Bend your right elbow and rest against your left knee. Put your right hand behind you, and rotate your upper body towards your left arm. Repeat with the other leg. Feel the stretch in your ribs, upper and lower back and hips. This exercise needs to be done slowly and carefully.

Stretch 16

Lie on the floor, knees bent and feet apart. Put your hands behind your head and intertwine your fingers. Slowly pull your head forwards. Feel the stretch in your neck and spine.

Stretch 17

Kneel on the floor. Lower your head, stretch your arms in front of you, and place your

palms flat on the floor. Stretch forward and then pull back pressing your palms down at the same time. Feel the stretch in your shoulders, arms, down the side of your body, and your upper back.

Stretch 18

Lie flat on your back on the floor. Place your arms on the floor behind your head. Now point your toes and point your fingers. Reach out and point as far as you can, and then relax. Now point your right leg and your left arm. Then your left leg and your right arm. Repeat. Feel the stretch in your abdominal muscles, your spine, your shoulders, arms, legs and feet.

Your opportunity The benefit of learning new habits is that they replace old habits. They become an established part of what you do, part of your routine, part of your life. Unlike a diet, they have lasting benefits.

You now have the key to a slim, healthy life: the knowledge and the means to manage your weight and to stay slim and healthy, and a foundation on which to make improvements to your diet and to your exercise regime. Continuous improvement should be your aim, whether it is discovering new, healthy foods or adopting a more adventurous, fun way to exercise. The benefits that follow will be life-changing.

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