Weight Watchers and Principles of Fat Loss

Weight Watchers diet is well researched and classified as top grade compared to most others. For instance, British Medical Research Council provided two studies; results of which tell us that Weight Watchers regimen is an effective way to lose weight. These studies were not a single attempt to investigate so much popular weight loss plan. Indeed, if you look through the list of best weight loss diets, you will find Weight Watchers program amid the top-ranked ones.

One of the serious medical periodicals ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ published the curious report on this subject. According to it, eleven general weight loss plans have been studied with a randomized controlled trial. Weight Watchers program was one of two diets which indicated that participants lost more weight over one year than people sticking to their own diet. It is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, isn’t it? So, how is it possible to outperform other popular commercial weight loss strategies?

Four pillars of the Weight Watchers program are behavior, food, exercise, and support. So we can assume that WW program is based on right principles. And the central principle for weight loss process is the first law of thermodynamics: conservation of energy. To lose weight, you need to maintain higher energy expenditure than the energy intake. In nutrition, we use calories as the unit of energy that is received from foods. Anybody is going to lose weight in a regimen with the caloric deficit. It is substantially a case of pure mathematics, you see it? However, in real life, it’s never that simple, and the proper implementation is the key to success here.

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