Were Going on a Wedding Video Marathon

So I just wanted to make a quick little post and tell you guys what’s coming up on my my blog I’ll getting married November th I’ll very excited about it I’ve made a ton of wedding posts and I’ve edited them all and I’ll just gonna kind of throw them up on the internet all I’d like one time it’s gonna take a little marathon it’s gonna be like every other day. So hopefully I don’t overwhelm you but it just kind of ended up being that way I think you can understand with all the stress and the craziness that goes into weddings and just ended up kind of getting all the last-minute and stuff but I’ll excited for it and I think you guys are gonna like it I hope I did kind of mix it up a little bit and do some things that are out of the ordinary for me I did some makeup posts and some do-it-yourself posts and things like that and.

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So I’ll hoping that you guys will love those and like them because I’ve really been wanting to branch out just a little bit don’t worry don’t freak out not gonna stop doing here tutorials but I just wanted to kind of add some other things and because I’ll starting to feel like even though I love doing hair tutorials it just gets a little monotonous when you make the same kind of post over and over. So not necessarily the same hair style but you know just all hair tutorials and I just got I feel like I’ll in a rut. So I kind of want to break it up a little bit um. So let me know when I post those posts up and you see it’s something that’s different than I’ve done before comment below tell me what you think about them um on those posts just let me know because I’ll really curious on to see how they come across and if they go well then maybe I could make more in the future and then I will be gone the week of Thanksgiving because I’ll getting married on the th. So the week after that.

I will be on my honeymoon and not posting posts um because I get to go on vacation finally my life has been. So crazy busy and my schedule has been. So jam-packed I am just oh my gosh she was. So ready for vacation anyway and then after that I coming back and making a tutorial or uploading a tutorial on my hair for the wedding. So you guys only have to see that then I decided not to do it you know before because I didn’t want the internet to see it before you know the actual wedding and just I think it makes sense to kind of wait. So look forward to that and then comment below and tell me what kind of posts are you looking forward to it’s like the end of November and in December are you looking for like haircare posts are you looking for maybe some um holiday hairstyle I don’t know I am just curious as to what you guys are kind of thinking about with your winter hair and what you guys kind of want to learn about. So let me know in the comments below. So that I can see that and I think that is all I had to say in this post. So I hope you guys tune in for those wedding posts I hope you enjoy them and that’s it I will see you guys in my next post bye.

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