Wet Hair Styles Braided Updo

With our last wet hairstyle and this might be my favorite I love rated updos you guys know that about me and this one could also be a good heatless waves hairstyle I could wear it all day and then maybe the next day get some curls out of it as well you know we’re going to do is start on one side and separate a small section a couple inches back from your hairline and begin Dutch braiding. So you’re going to braid under incorporating hair from right next to it and then to incorporate the hair from the front what you’re going to do is take small pieces starting up the hair that’s closest to the braid and then as you incorporate more you get closer and closer to the face that way you can kind of drape the hair back nicely and hide any weird little partings that you could end up with and you keep it from me to pull back too tightly because that’s not always a cute look especially when your hair is wet. So you can see here I’ll going more forward.

Wet Hair Styles Braided Updo Photo Gallery

I’ll gonna pick up my little bay area and pull them back into the braids that creates a nice looks from the front. So that it doesn’t look weird and it also gets that cool Dutch braid going on I’ll also just kind of gently curving that down making kind of a straight line back from where I started just at the top of my head down towards on that one side of my head. So basically you continue to Dutch braid it until you’ve incorporated all the hair from that side of the head and once you’ve done that you’re going to go ahead and switch over to normal rating and then secure that braid off with an elastic band then you’re going to repeat the exact same thing on the other side and starting a couple inches back from the hairline and gently adding in hair from the front okay keeping an eye in the mirror to make sure that that looks pretty from the front and now that it’s pulled back too tightly okay. So now I’ll going to take the nape section and push the two braids together and bobby pin them together.

So there’s no weird part lines and then basically with the rest of the Rays you’re going to maneuver them around into a bun shape and that is going to be completely dependent on your hair and how long it is that’s gonna be completely according to your eye what I did obviously you can see here was to loop one side around to create the outside of one side of the bun and then pin it in place and then I did the exact same thing on the other side I think the coolest thing about This kind of overlapping the braids and creating a really interesting shape. So that you kind of look at it and you’re like it looks really intricate and you don’t know how the person did it when at the end of the day it was really easy that’s kind of the best thing you get out of a hairstyle make sure to pin any weird little flyaways you might have and that’s it for this hairstyle and also this would be great as like heatless waves I would like give it a try one time and make sure it works on your hair tight but it could work for heatless waves which would be awesome be sure to check out my previous wet hair sale and come back on Monday for my next post I’ll see you.

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