Wet Hair Styles Triple Twist

This week I’ll doing three hairstyles that you can wear on wet hair. So be sure to come back on Wednesday and Friday to see the other two for this first one you’re gonna start by separating your hair from your temples up and basically just create a bun and you wants to do it a little bit higher than I have it right here you want to do it close to the apex of your head just. So that you have room for the other two buns and you want to make sure that This only a third of your hair or else you’ll end up with like one big bun and two little tiny ones and it would look a little funny but once you have it wrapped up you’re gonna go ahead and stick the bobby pins in it to hold it in place and if you need to go ahead and loosen up the front.

Wet Hair Styles Triple Twist Photo Gallery

So it doesn’t look kind of crazy and tight from the front then separate your hair from your ears up and you’re gonna go ahead and twist and wrap that into a bun as well I’ll doing this without any hair bands but if you want to go ahead and add hair band some get a little bit easier you could always do that as well the other thing that you could do if you have extra thick hair is to use hair pins rather than bobby pins because they tend to hold things like buns really well on thick hair especially when it’s wet or you can even use the goodies spin pins I’ve tried those before they work pretty well and they have little small ones that you could use with these kind of buns if you wanted to finish off by twisting the rest of your hair into a bun and securing it in place and this hairstyle is all done.

So that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and easy hairstyle that you can do on wet hair or dry hair if you want to and be sure to check back on Wednesday and Friday to see the other two hairstyles also be sure to check out my previous tutorial for this really easy makeup look I will see you guys on Wednesday.

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