Wet Hairstyles Crown Braid

With our second wet hairstyle and this one is really fast and really easy. So let’s go ahead and get started basically what you’re gonna do is split your hair in half and you can have it parted wherever you like and then split one happened to and do a rope braid I think a rope braid is a really great idea because it helps it to look less milkmaid braid II and a little bit more current it’s still very bohemian which is definitely in but it’s not like the milkmaid braid that we send up seem done a million million times once you’re done with that go ahead and secure it with a small band and then repeat the exact same thing on the other side I’ll braiding away from my face for those first couple inches because.

Wet Hairstyles Crown Braid Photo Gallery

I’ll going to wrap away from my face first and then join them at the top however if your hair is shorter you want to braids poured your face for the whole thing because your hair needs to come straight up instead of going around the back first my hair’s a little longer. So I can go around the back first like you see right here. So your hair is longer press it in the back like. So and then join the two at the top again if your hair’s a little shorter just pull them up to the top like you see right here and then secure them together and then you’re basically just gonna bobby pin those in place until there helps it’s really there and if you have any little weird flyways like you can see.

I have toward it the end of those little braids you go ahead and take some bobby pins and hide them as best you can you hadn’t will have some little flyaways in this look I think that’s okay I think it’s cute and of course if you want to do this with a normal braid or maybe some other fancier braid you totally could make sure to check out yesterday’s post and I will be back on Friday with another tutorial see you then you.

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