What Are Damon Braces?

Treatment zone TEETH WAYNE HAD FIXED DAMON BRACES, £8,500, FOUR HYGIENIST SESSIONS, £340, AND BONDING, £850, ALL AT LONDON SMILING (LONDONSMILING.COM) ‘For a long time, my crooked teeth made me self conscious when smiling, causing friction between me and Katie as she pointed out that if we were paying £2,000 for a wedding photographer, I couldn’t ruin our photos by looking grumpy.

As a teenager I wore a retainer, but my teeth had regressed to the same old crooked smile. I’d seen Dr Uchenna Okoye on the TV series 10 Years Younger and had seen the results she could get. She told me that it might take a year for perfection, but because we only had four months, she created a custom treatment plan. First she scrutinised my gums to check they were healthy enough for braces, and I had hygienist appointments for about a month before she fitted Fixed Damon braces.

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The braces felt sore for about two weeks before everything settled down, and I wore them for about three months before Dr Okoye removed them to start prepping my smile for my wedding day. Even though the treatment was incomplete, it did make a difference. Dr Okoye put bonds on my front teeth to make them look smoother, as they were pitted and worn. Family and friends have commented on how much better I look, and it has given me the confidence to laugh and smile. After my honeymoon I went back to Dr Okoye to have the braces re-fitted and she said I only needed to wear them for another two months. If I hadn’t spent all my money on the wedding, I would hold another party to celebrate my braces coming off, as this has been a life-changing experience.’

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