What are the Beneficial Oils on the Skin?

What are the Beneficial Oils on the Skin?

Sandalwood Essential oil is distilled from the wood and roots of the environmentally threatened sandalwood (Santalum album). The most valuable oil is obtained from state distillers under tight control in the Mysore region of India. The value of the sandalwood, which is useful for dry, cracked skin and rashes, must be known and used with care. Despite the planting of the tree in India, it is not possible to harvest without 30 years of age, and it creates problems in the western illegal foundations. Use this oil with a sense of responsibility.

The watermelon tree is one of the most versatile essential oils and has the ability to keep any aromatic blend in a pleasant, woody base. To prepare the Sandalwood Body Wrap, one of my first and still favorite massage oils, add 3 drops of orange, 1 drop of rose, and 2 drops of sandalwood to 15 ml of the most odorless massage oil base. (Read the specie oil and the warning in the sun at 28.) Cover yourself with the Sandalwood Body Wreath, or find someone else to wrap you up even better!

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Sardinals (Pélargonium species) have many species, each of which gives a different essential oil. Sardinian oil is distilled from the leaves of this wonderful fragrant plant group, the vast majority of which is typical of southern Africa. The highest quality Bourbon is produced in the Réunion. The geranium, which is good for all skin types, provides continuity and balance. I like to use it in tonics designed for oily skin, since it is slightly astringent. Its sweet, fruity. a floral additive, sometimes a mint additive and a cute additive for skin care products.

The cypress (Cupressus sem pervirens) grown in southern France in large quantities is cypress oil woody and invigorating, distilled from leaves, shoots, shells and cones. Since it is a powerful astringent and refreshing, I use it as a tonic for oily, dirty skin. It is also said that the sebum oil has reduced the appearance of the cellulite, but I have not seen any signs of improvement to support this claim. It is also believed that it helps to resolve some vein problems such as varicosities.

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