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Spring Fashion Try-On Haul Chuu Revolve Yesstyle

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog and in today’s post I have a fashion haul. It has been a while since I’ve done a fashion related content on my main blog. But I did do some shopping over the past couple of weeks. And I wanted to show you guys what I bought for the upcoming spring season. It is getting a lot warmer in Seoul so I’m really excited about it and some of these pieces, if you are commentd to Joan Day, you probably have seen me unbox it or purchase it. But I thought it would be a good idea to put everything into one post because I know that not everyone is commentd to my postging blog, so let me show you guys what I got. We’ll start with T-shirts and I have two striped shirts. This is forest green with pink stripes. And this is navy blue with brown. And I honestly couldn’t choose between the two because I thought they were both cute. And I know for a fact that I’ll be wearing these often because you can never go wrong with a simple striped T-shirt, and I don’t really have that many colored stripe T-shirt, so I thought these were perfect. The next two T-shirts are from Chuu and first I have this white one. That says yes and no in French.

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I’ve been really into white T-shirts lately and the ones with lettering, especially red lettering. And I did pick up something similar to that description, so you’ll see later in the haul, but yeah I thought this was just super adorable, and I also got this shirt. It says Diamond on it. I try my best to wear more color during the spring and summer time, and I’ve been really into yellows. So here is my yellow T-shirt. Next I have some blouses and first we have this blue one from Revolve Lovers and Friends and like this you can’t really tell what its gonna look like so I’ll include the try-on right here. But I really like how unique it is. You basically tie it around your waist. It’s super flowy. It’s light material, so perfect for the warmer months. I did wear it in Indonesia. And thank you guys so much for the compliments on my Instagram. Next I have a blouse from IRO and IRO is one of my favorite brands because I love how chic, edgy and elegant their pieces are and the quality is amazing. But I walked into IRO and I noticed that they were having a sale And I actually bought this for 50% off and I had a gift card. I really liked the lightning bolt patterns on this one and the sleeves. So you can adjust it to wear a short or long, and the employee also told me to wear it as a cardigan, because it is light material this will be perfect for spring and summer as well, so IRO blouse.

I have two sweaters and first I have this one from Sandro. Sandro is another one of my favorite brands because their pieces are very elegant and this is a white sweater with red lettering on it, and it says Alright on it. But the main reason why I wanted to purchase it was because of the sleeves. They’re just super adorable and then after I purchased it, I noticed that this is like a trend for the upcoming spring season. So I was really excited about it. This sweater covers two trends that I am noticing and it is that white T-shirt with red lettering, as well as these puffy sleeves. The next sweater is more like a hoodie slash flannel and it’s this one from Chuu. I really like it because it’s casual and comfortable so here is this one. Next I have bottoms and these are both from Girlfriends. I’m actually wearing my holy Girlfriend Denim. If you watched my previous fashion haul, I mentioned how they sent it to me in the wrong size. It actually came in the wrong size and I do have to return them. But I did contact them, and then I got the right size and I have been obsessed. Girlfriend jeans they come with a tag basically saying that they will feel snug at first. But then once you wear them in, they are the most comfortable pair, so basically for a week straight when I woke up I changed into these pants and then I would train myself. And now they are one of the most comfortable pants that I own and when it comes to denim I like AG jeans and now Girlfriend.

So I went ahead and ordered white pants from them because I was inspired from Coco because she has a lot of white pants. And I was like you know what I’m just gonna go for it, and I wanted to order quality pairs. And here I have a denim skirt. I actually wore this to the Surabaya Meet and Greet and again very comfortable. And I can’t wait to wear this more often. Next I have two bags and here we have one from LPA, and this is seriously the perfect spring summer vacation bag because I mean just look at it. If you look at it this way you’ll think that it’s a circle bucket bag. But if you turn it around it’s actually just half, and it surprisingly fits a lot of things. And I really like how you can hold it two different ways. Next I have Charles and Keith and this is another crossbody. I actually don’t have a purse this color and surprisingly it fits a lot. So, thank you, Charles and Keith for sending me this purse, and my shoes. Let me get that for you real quick. This is actually the final thing I want to show you guys in today’s haul and these are super adorable. They’re basically closed sandals with a bow on it and during the spring time I can definitely wear these with like glitter socks or just wear it bare like so it would be perfect for the transition. So that’s it for my haul.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading. If you are interested in any of the pieces that I mentioned today please check the info box because I’ll be linking everything down there, and I do get questions about sizes. So I’ll also put the like size in parentheses next to the piece so that it might be helpful for you guys when you order it online. But yeah, thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye.

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