What are the normal side effects of early pregnancy?

What are the normal side effects of early pregnancy?

One of the most worrying things in the first trimester, particularly if you have never been pregnant before, is deciding whether each twinge or episode of dizziness is something to be concerned about.

The fact is that most women will experience a variety of symptoms, ranging from swollen, aching breasts to tiredness and nausea, during the first 12 weeks (see below), while their bodies adapt to being pregnant. As ever, each woman will have a different experience from other women and also from one pregnancy to the next. Generally, though, even those who are not overwhelmed by early pregnancy symptoms, say that they nonetheless feel pregnant in an indefinable way.

In the vast majority of cases, side effects are to be expected and are nothing to worry about. However, if you have any persistent bleeding or intense abdominal pain or cramps, then you should either go to see your GP or go to your hospital to find out whether there is anything wrong.

Can nausea or vomiting cause problems in pregnancy?

Only a very few women are so debilitated by nausea and vomiting over a period of weeks, rather than days, that they cannot keep down fluids or food and so become weak and dehydrated. These women may need to be admitted to hospital until their fluid, glucose, and mineral levels have been restored. However, for most women, being unable to eat or drink properly.

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