What are the psychological effects of male infertility pregnancy?

What are the psychological effects of male infertility pregnancy?

Men associate their fertility so much with their virility – and our culture encourages this – that it is always a big shock and a huge psychological blow when a man discovers that there is something wrong. He often feels he has let his partner down and feels immensely guilty

simple: can I have kids or not pregnancy? My GP explained the results to me. My sperm count was good: 70 million. But motility was poor and the number with abnormal shapes was very high. I was told that IUI was the route we should go down, but that it would take time to conceive with these results.

We have decided not to rush. To start, my lifestyle needs to change: I smoke and drink and am under a lot of stress so I will address these issues then get another test done in four months’ time. If the results don’t improve then we will consider our options.

It is easy to tell a man to go and get a sperm test done, but men dread doing this and need a lot of support from their partners and medical staff.

that he is putting her through an ordeal that he perceives as being his fault. Consequently, it is normal for him to feel depressed and diminished as a person. These feelings will be accentuated if the quality of his sperm cannot be improved and if he and his partner need fertility treatment to conceive. Problems of impotence and/or anger at the apparent unfairness of the situation are also common and in such circumstances the couple’s relationship often comes under strain.

Support from the female partner is essential in this situation, as is seeking expert medical advice, in order to help the man to stay positive. It is important that a couple keeps talking to each other, although the man may find it difficult under the circumstances. Seeing a counsellor or therapist can also be useful.

Men should be encouraged by the fact that a diagnosis of infertility, thanks to medical advances, need not be as devastating as it would have been in the past. Indeed, much can be done to enable men to father children naturally or with assisted conception (see Step 9). So if you find yourself in the increasingly common situation of having a fertility problem, you should bear in mind that there is still every chance that you will be able to father a child.

Many couples lose the spontaneity and passion in their sex life when they are trying for a baby. Yet it is vital for the long-term health of any relationship to regain this fun and intimacy. This step addresses some of the questions about sex that have an impact, not only on a couple’s happiness but also on their chance of conceiving

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