What Are Your Breaking Points?

What Are Your Breaking Points?
Men are much less likely to maintain an unbearable situation than women. If they continue to have a bad marriage for ‘the good of the children’, this means that they are looking for happiness out there. It does not have to be a relationship with the opposite sex. They give all their energy to work, to golf matches, anything but you, other than your home. Women maintain unbearable situations for many reasons, but the main reason is their fear of being alone.

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Relationships that are lacking in emotion are far from satisfying for most women. Whether in a relationship, financial or other matter, it may provide peace and security at many other levels, but the lack of an emotional element will fade everything else, and it will miss the taste of business. Still, many women prefer to pursue this situation with any relationship, regardless of how they relate. This preference has changed, and it is a fact that most women are better suited to living alone than men. A man who has been accustomed to being held on hand all his life will suddenly find himself forced to shop, wash clothes, clean his own filth. It could be a terrible shock. Most males maintain a relationship as long as their basic needs are met.

Their bellies are saturated, they have the opportunity to watch the sports program they want on TV, and if they can have sex occasionally, it is an eternal driving relationship. The fact is that most of the man’s real desire is to look after them. As long as this problem is happening, the extra inconveniences, unsatisfied desires, anger and frustrations do not go beyond it. Occasionally you are expected to accept the situation as if it were a complaint. Meals, clean clothes, television, complaints, meals, sex, television are all yours forever. So what are you and your world? Let’s talk about your happiness. If you are an associate, if you say that I will have happiness in one percent, keep dreaming. A more realistic approach would be to expect happiness, fifty-nine percent stress in fifty percent.

If you spend more than half of the time you relate, you are staying well above the critical limit.

But it decides that your relationship does not work, if you think about leaving, there is a benefit to be realistic in this regard. You have to be able to say: “One happiness is one thing.” You must be sure that you really think so; Not “happier than another.” If you are truly unhappy, it is best to have confidence in yourself and hope to have the resources to live alone.

When you are finishing a relationship or a marriage, you should be able to do it with respect and value. The main complaint is that if your man is not as wonderful as any other man can be, will he fall again?

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