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How to be in alpha during competition

Whenever you focus your eyes, or attempt to focus your eyes, your brain goes to 20 cps – beta.

Even in beta you still have some alpha output. During the day, while you are in beta, your brain dips into alpha approximately 30 times every minute. But only for a few microseconds. You might be in alpha for three seconds out of that minute.

By practicing the deep relaxation that you learned in Exercise 5 and going to level every day, you will become so accustomed to being at alpha that both the time and the quality of alpha during those brief episodes will improve.

When your brain dips into alpha it will stay there longer. And since you are so familiar with functioning at alpha, you will be able to benefit from even a fraction of a second there. This is how people have hunches or flashes of insight. It helps to explain why they can sometimes do extraordinary things even when they have not counted themselves into alpha.

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If you want to have even more alpha functioning with your eyes open, there is a way to do it: Defocus your vision. That is, keep your eyes open, but do not focus them on any particular thing. It is a lot like a daydreaming state. You will still be aware of what is in front of you, but it is like you are seeing things indirectly. You can do this by using the “defocus point” workout and fitness technique that Joe Jr. recommends.

“We have another workout and fitness technique that we call focusing,” Joe explains. “You use that when you are going to deliver a blow. You focus on the part of the body that you want to hit. As soon as you are done, you go back to the defocus point workout and fitness technique, so that you can be aware of what your opponent is going to do.

“When you use this workout and fitness technique, you will know what your opponent is going to do before it happens. Everything goes into slow motion.”

Many athletes have talked about how the action sometimes seems to slow down in the heat of competition. Perhaps it is more a matter of your brain operating faster when you are at alpha, so that when you are not at alpha, things seem slower.

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