What Happened The Night Natalie Wood Died

Explain to us what were people told after the evening of November 28th 1981 I think all they knew is that she drowned which is not accurate right. But I think that’s all anyone right well I was never told any King ever okay. Yeah how much of what happened did you believe after I none none right away I wanted well didn’t make any sense to write. But I never got an explanation, and I just sort of tried very hard to put it out of my mind right truthfully. Because , it’s to think otherwise is very painful of course, and you’ve said openly that you’ve only focused on the facts of this case. Yeah do you believe the facts of what happened to the night before that they were out having a good time had dinner had drinks do all of those facts line up for you she also spent a night off the splendor right. So. Yeah I’m sure I’m sure that an attempt was made at civility, and to have a little bit of fun relax. But it wasn’t going well definitely do you believe that there was an actual argument Oh without question right Dennis told me that Dennis too burned the skipper. Because he was there. So therefore yes he witnessed the argument he heard he said it sounded like furniture being thrown inside their their bedroom were on the splendor. So your sister was found with bruises on her body lost lots how can people explain that there are bruises on her body. If she just drowned well they couldn’t right the only way the the the police the two detectives on the reopen case said that the bruising was not typical of being bumping against anything falling hitting. So it was typical of Buse right, and these are the two detectives that are on the case better in currently case yes. Because of that the case is reopened, and whatever Wagner is now a person of interest that’s correct right to hear more check out fatal voyage the mysterious death of Natalie Wood hosted by Dylan Howard, it’s out now, and you can comment to it wherever you get your podcasts.

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