What I ask for when I get my hair cut

Hey girls Abbey here. So people ask me all the time how I or what I asked for when I get my hair cut at the hairstylist I just got my hair cut right before I started doing the Pretty Little Liars posts and. So I thought this would be a good time to talk about that probably would have been good like a month ago before I started that but good time now too. So anyway um I actually this time I did something different than what I usually do normally I tell them the link that I want and then I say I want long layers and side bangs and that’s been all I’ve done for like four years and I was getting. So tired of it because it was just really heavy because my longest layers were all the way down here my hair is thin my hair is really straight naturally and it was just like me like I just didn’t frame my face or have any move and it was uh yeah that.

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I’ll sure that was attractive I’ll gonna watch that back and be like what were you doing Abbey anyway um. So I decided to change it up a little bit. So what I did was I came in and basically I told my stylist she can do whatever she wanted and This what she did and This what you can ask for when you go to your stylist but give them the link that you want. So I wanted my hair to be about this length and then ask for short layers I got my layers starting right around here and then tapering down and you can talk with your stylist about what best suits um you know your face shape and your hair length and all that that would be a good thing to do but that’s basically what I asked for was that lengthen layers well she decided the layers that started right here and tapering down and then for the front what we did was we cut the bangs things they’re really long.
So that I could part them on either side and the way she did that was just to brush them straight down across my face and cut like this for like that this little portion of hair and then for the hair in front of my ears she tapered it down like this. So if I wear my hair like here you can kind of see it does this little tapering motion and there’s not a whole lot of hair in the front anymore which is cool I’ll good with it um but yeah that’s what it is I think that’s that’s really all I have to say about that I always feel like I have to elaborate and talk for minutes but maybe that’s it I think that’s it to recap you’re gonna cut your hair to here um if you want your cutting right here to wherever length you want short layers where your stylist things would suit your hair length cut the front thing. So they can part on either side and taper the front layers backward that’s it. So I hope that was helpful I hope that was what you guys have been asking about what I asked for the stylist we’re looking for and I hope you’re having a fantastic day I’ll see you my next post.

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