What I Look Like Without Makeup With Hayet Rida Naked Truths

I was born and raised in Ghana. But I actually didn’t feel like I was from there. Because I always looked different. My parents are divorced. I grew up with my mom, and Daddy’s from Lebanon.

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My brows are actually the one Middle Eastern thing that I have, and they are there so happily and so strong. I love them thick. I always say, ‘I like my brows as thick as my curves.’ All my siblings are gorgeous and skinny. So I was like, the little chubby girl and was always like, ‘oh, the one with the big cheeks.’ Bullying is accepted in the African culture. I became very aware of my body because of other people. All my friends wore different sizes, but I wasn’t really aware of size. I was just like, ‘backless tops are in vogue!’ And then someone was just like, ‘ah you know, you can’t wear that. Your friends can wear that, but you can’t wear that, because you have back rolls or you have arms.’ The fact that no one defended me helped me understand that that was accepted. I don’t want women, even young girls, to grow up emotionally holding all that stuff in the way I did. I just want people to know all sides of me. The bad stuff, the good stuff. Because then, when they see me here, and you know, I’m all confident and I love myself, I want them to understand that it wasn’t easy and it still isn’t easy and they’re not alone. Confidence isn’t great if it’s not unapologetic.

The beauty about confidence is there is no room for opinions, there is no room for you to even waver in it. I think my creative side reveals really, truly how I think. When I paint or when I, you know, take pictures, you’ll know how I feel, you’ll know what the inside of me looks like. Being a part of the European Wax Strut Society just felt like an amazing energy. We’re all confident in our own ways. I walk around a lot of times without makeup on, and it’s one of those things where I had to really understand that confidence wasn’t about pretending to be something or hoping to be something else. And it also didn’t mean you had to love every single thing about you. It’s just the world gets what I give them every day.

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