What I Wore Today London England Edition

What I Wore Today London England Edition Hey, guys, Carl here. Okay. So, I’m in London and I thought you all would be interested in my everyday wear. There are certain pieces of clothing I find that I gravitate towards. They just work with the weather right now and it’s nice it’s beautiful. It’s probably in the high 40’s maybe low 50’s, a Sunday morning. But, a lot of times I’m dealing with drizzle it has gotten down to the freezing weather in the evenings here. Nothing super bad not like Wisconsin except for the drizzle.

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I knew it was going to be here and so I brought clothing that would work appropriately and let me share with you exactly what I’m wearing. And everything I’m talking about I’m going to link to down in the description. Now, this outer jacket which you can probably see right here, dark gray, this is from Ministry of Supply, one of my favorites. It’s it’s basically a mock design. It’s got the hidden pocket right in here which I love for my billfold keeping, you know, my money and stuff safe on the inside. Now, it’s got two outside pockets on each side which are really camouflaged really well, so I like this one as well. And, you know, just the gray color works with almost everything in my wardrobe and it’s water-resistant. Not fully I wouldn’t say it’s fully waterproof, but water-resistant is really all I need here in London because we’re not getting torrential downpours, it has a hood that pops out as well which is very useful. But, a steady drizzle just, you know, walking through the London for an hour this works perfectly fine. Again, I’m going to link to it down in the description. Now, this is a thin jacket and so you want to have an insulating layer. I talked about the importance of layering, it gives you options.

Right here this jacket right here is from Bellfield, but you can pick them up from a wide variety. This is a quilted jacket this one is made from a synthetic material, but you can find them in a wide variety – varieties. You could have gone with I know I could have gone with something with down, but remember one of the issues with down when it gets wet is it becomes pretty much useless. So, I opted for this synthetic jacket right here because I can still get it a bit wet it’s going to work fine. It actually reminds me of a jacket I had in the Marine Corps. So, you could pick up something like this. I wouldn’t recommend picking up army surplus, they don’t really look as good from the outside. This one made I think from Bellfield, but I’ll link to a couple other companies I think that have pretty good jackets like this. So, yeah, so here’s a kind of a it’s got a military, you know, quilted jacket look. Overall, I like it a lot. Then, underneath, okay, so I’ve got a Henley right here from Public Rec. I’ve talked about this company before and I love it.

I find that Henley just much more stylish than a t-shirt. And, I like the long-sleeve option. So, I’ve got three layers that I’ve talked about here on the upper body. Then, I’ve got my undershirt from RibbedTee. Now, I’ve talked about RibbedTee before, great company. But, what I love is the deep v-neck, so no one sees I’m wearing that undershirt. It uses a really breathable material that just looks great and it feels great. So, I go ahead and I pull this option off. So, that’s that’s my upper body. Lower body, I’ve got a pair of Mavi jeans on right now. I also brought with me what was it pair of Levi’s? I just bought two pairs of jeans and I’m going back and forth with testing out both brands. I know Levi’s, I haven’t worked with actually either of these companies as a sponsor, but both of them make great jeans.

I’ll link to them down in the description. Underwear, so I brought with me Tani which I’m wearing right now. And I’ve also got Sheath, so I’ve talked about that company, you know, basically they’ve got extra support for those of you that deal with chafing and basically maybe have a, you know, yeah, I’m not going to go into too detailed. But, if you deal with any type of chafing in the the testicle area, you definitely want to check out that brand. Now, when it comes to shoes. Okay, so let’s go down here. All right, you see that? Thursday Boots. So, I’ve talked about this company before they use a Goodyear welt. Amazing company. I’ve met the founders spent time with them in New York and what I love about Thursday Boots it’s a very, very durable boots. So, we’re talking a boot that’s going to be able to hold up in cold wet weather which is exactly what I needed here. The Goodyear welt with the rubber sole, what this does is it gives me a lot of traction here in London.

Now, I also bought brought a pair of Chelsea boots. Same style, but very different design from Paul Evans. And the reason I brought that is those boots I just showed you I cannot wear with a suit. I had a number of events which I attended here conferences and things like that and I just simply needed something that could could also get with a bit of rain. So, I decided to go with a very sleek Chelsea boot that uses actually a Blake stitch. Like I talked, the ones I’m wearing right now are going to be bulkier. Overall, it’s a heavier look and that works for casual. But, if you want something for a suit those boot the Thursday Boots are not going to work for a suit, but something like Paul Evans with their with their Blake stitch which has a much sleeker and overall I would say the more minimalist design is going to work out better for for dressing up. So, I’ve talked about that, oh, what am I wearing for a backpack? So, Genius Pack, I talked about this company before. This actually is great because it works with my carry-on luggage and I’ve just been using it. What I love about Genius Pack, all the pockets they’ve got in, you know, just I don’t know it’s like twenty pockets on this little backpack, so I can hide things I can put them I can separate them. And I find that’s really useful for me.

So, guys, this is what I’ve been carrying, you know, I really love all the options all the pockets and this has worked for me for my stay here in London. So, if you’ve got any questions, let me know down in the comments. And that’s it. So, guys, take care. And I’m headed to Paris next, so I’ll make sure to do maybe a similar post and talk about what I’ll be wearing and what I’ll be seeing in Paris. Sound good, guys? Take care.

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