What is considered to be a “normal” menstrual cycle pregnancy?

What is considered to be a normal menstrual cycle pregnancy?

This section is for women’s eyes only! In it I cover all the key information about female fertility, so that you have as many facts as possible at your fingertips. These include what happens during the menstrual cycle, recognizing when you are at your most fertile, and understanding how age can affect your ability to conceive

Your menstrual cycle begins on day 1 of your period and lasts until the day before your next period.

A mature egg is released (ovulation) mid cycle each month, usually around day 14 (see pages 36-37). A 28-day figure is always used as a convenient average, but in reality the length of the cycle varies considerably from one woman to another. If yours is between 23 and 35 days long, then it is considered normal, as long as it is regular, with no more than seven days’ variation each month. Most periods last three to five days, but as long as they are regularly of the same duration (or almost), the length of the actual period is not important.

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