What is cream makeup? how is it done?

What is cream makeup? how is it done?


When this type of makeup is applied to the face, it is usually applied with a stick or it can be mixed with any of these with our handles, brush or a sponge in the makeup pouch. When used for foundation colors, the bar made of cream makeup can be applied directly as a stick. It is then mixed with fingers. If you need to mix colors to determine the shadow, this can be done behind the hand or in the palette box.

In applying makeup, just use a thin layer to color the skin and hide trivial defects. Then powder the makeup and go over with a damp sponge. This layer loses the paste and makes up the makeup. If a weak glow is available, powdering of the make-up is not necessary.

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Highlights and shades can be applied before or after makeup is powdered. These can be applied to give light pattern effects under the base or to coat heavy beards, or you may want to apply them under the shadow base and over the high lights. You will not have to emphasize these high lights and shadowing will help. Of course, when the cream (or oil paint) high lights are applied on the floor, they must also be powdered.

Cream blisters are usually applied with sponges or fingers. Outline colors are applied with large plain brushes, sponges or fingers (in general, makeup artists tend to use sponge cream makeup in practice and at the same time use the players’ hands).

Cream Makeup Pens: Just as the cream is in makeup, the pads should be applied freely to the skin. The colors of the paint can be applied with pencils for the foundation colors. It is then mixed with fingers or a sponge. If you want to mix colors, more than one color can be used. Highlights, shadows and blushing can be applied with brushes for pens, fingers, sponges or especially smaller areas in suitable areas.

When the pens are used for high lighting and shading, they must first be sharpened. So he brings a sharp corner to the square, which is effective in overly high-lighted corners.

The soft corners can then be mixed with a brush. When the pens are used in powder, they are shot in the face direction of the powder sponge, which prints the skin.

Pens, like other make-up cream, can be used in connection with make-up of the mold.

You also draw different makeup sketches. Draw your characters drawing different characters, one side of which is normal, the other side is high light and shadow. Be sure to apply the drafts you have drawn to yourself or in a mode.

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