What is mold makeup?

What is mold makeup?

If you wish to use mold makeup and any creme makeup or oil stick together, there are some methods for doing so. You should absolutely apply these methods.

Method 1: Use creamy highlights and shadows on a makeup foundation. Then add the powder and dry blush (if you use moist blush, after light and shade, but before pudding). The use of dry glaze is particularly advantageous since it is most recently applied. Because all the cheeks, cheeks, nose, wrinkles and so on. it can be done in one place. Then add all the applications you like. If you are applying cream makeup, powder after every application of the application and check to see if it needs to be touched during the game.

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Method 2: In this method, the cream (or oil) high lights, shadows and blush are applied first. Then the makeup of the mold, the makeup under the skin with the sponge is applied until you just want it. Then it is used if the blush is brushed for cheeks and shadows. If light or shade needs correction, it can be done on the base. If you want mold makeup you can choose a light application in high light areas and a dark application in shaded areas.

Method 3: Use cream lights and mold shadows on a powdered cream foundation. The advantages of these high lights are that they are easily intermixed and the shadows do not improve the brightness as they are emitted from the puddle. Brightness with high lights will not damage the character.

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