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Hi. I’m Carl Centeno. I’m the founder of this style blog. Today, gentlemen I’m going to be talking about Movember. Many of us have heard the term we’ve heard this word thrown around. What is it? What it’s about? What’s a little bit of the history? Okay, guys. So, Movember is basically us men, we have hijacked the month of November. This is about issues that pertain to men in particular. We’re talking about testicular cancer, we’re talking about prostate cancer, we’re talking about mental illness which I know would affects women, but proportionally men are going to be prone to commit suicide and to actually to have just a lot of depression and things like that.

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Finally, it’s also the lack of movement with the, I guess now with so many of us working behind a computer screen, we literally are sitting at the desk 8, 10, 12 hours a day and this is adversely affecting our health. So, what can you do to take action? Well, Movember, what I really like is that they use so they took something that was pretty simple the mustache, something that’s not really popular nowadays. And they have men and they asked men to grow a mustache in the month of November and it basically raises awareness. How does this make a difference? Because when you start to think about it when you start to talk to it about others all a sudden it opens their mind to an issue that they may have been blind to. Also, you’re going to see this month there is also some challenges out there, a thirty-day challenge to actually be a little bit more active. You can find out more about this by going to the Movember Foundation. I’m going to link over to them and this is something that you know many of us are relatively young, perhaps we haven’t had these issues, but I can tell you that I have been affected by mental illness in my family and in my group of friends. In the last five years I’ve lost three friends to suicide. In the last year I’ve lost two. I mean it’s something that is real and I really respect someone who is getting out there and is just taking the bull by the horns and is really trying to fund research because when it comes down to it, us men, we, if we need help we don’t say anything. So, it’s a big topic and I’m really proud that one of my sponsors and that is Birchbox, they are making a $25,000 donation to the Movember Foundation. And it’s part of their box and this box is all about growing a mustache.

I thought that was actually pretty cool. And so, you guys are going to remember this when the Ursa Major which I didn’t actually know how to properly use. Last time, I have since started using it and this is actually a great foundational face wash. So, in the evening or in the morning whenever you so choose, probably this is going to be better for a lot of you guys. You actually can wash your face remove a lot of that oil that’s, that’s the thing that you start with. Then, you want to get a great shave, so start off with a shaver’s oil. This is Brothers Artisan Oil. I’ve been using it. Actually it is I think the hidden gem of this entire box over here at Birchbox Man. Then, you could throw on some shaving lotion, we’ve got the Proraso. If you are not familiar with this Italian brand, it is a stable brand. So, it’s a really cool for way for you to kind of break away from the – yeah, I’ve talked about from the aerosol dispenser and using something like a cream like this you will notice a difference especially when you got the oil and then you put a little bit of a layer of the the lotion you’re going to notice the difference.

Now, it’s time to shave and this is the big gift that was inside. You’ve actually got a razor from Harry razors and if you’re not familiar, this is a really nice company. And this is a what was it? It was a five – five-blade razor and it’s a pretty nice handle, really, it’s unique to Movember. Notice that, it’s kind of a one of a kind. I know that this is a limited edition run, but what I really liked is they sent me a coupon code for four more razors. Now, I was a bit worried I was like, okay, are they going to charge me for shipping? They didn’t even charge me for shipping, so I was able to go in there, go to exactly where they told me to, they did not ask for any credit card information additionally. So, but Harry’s basically is going to send me for more razors. So, I get five razors. They got all these nice little instructions in this, so you can tell they really were thoughtful about not just telling you how to remove the razor which is sometimes more difficult than what we think, but they actually tell you how to shave in a way to grow your mustache, so all that information right there. And, at the end of your shave gentlemen, we’ve got Dear Matt lotion. Put a little bit of this right over here and soon you’re going to start growing out more hair. No, I’m just kidding.

But, it is a really nice or – you know everything in here organic. It’s a nice lotion, I’ve been using it for last couple days. I’m very impressed with this. So, a cool box a cool company that is making a difference making a I think sizable donation. And, you can join over, you just go over to – I’m going to link you over to Birchbox Man and you can grab it, you know it’s $20. If you wanted to buy it separate, after November 10th you can pay $25, but I would recommend that you sign up before November 10th and that way you can get this box. They have a limited supply of this Movember. I know it was a limited run with this razor handle, so if you’re a Harry’s fan and you’ve already got a couple of their handles this may be one you want to grab. But, guys go check it out. I’m going to link to it all down below in the comments and let me now in the comments section down below what are you going to do this month. Are you going to grow a mustache? Are you going to make the commitment to move for thirty days? Again, I’m going to link over to the Movember Foundation as well where you can actually make that commitment and this something gentleman you want to make that commitment even if it’s just typing here in the my blog comments because when you do that when you take that one action it leads to other actions. And, guys, you know whatever you do, don’t just sit there and be a bystander.

Go out there take some action, raise awareness, and at least get out there and move for yourself in your own health. All right, guys, see you in the next post. Take care.

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