Wash your face with soap and water, or use a light brown large or leather refresher to remove the oil layer before applying the oil mud.

Paint can be taken directly from our tube or jar and can be applied to small point, face, neck and ears. If you are mixing the dyes, you can choose to mix them in your hands or palette to determine the correct colors. You can then apply the blended dyes to the places you specify, or you can apply dots of different colors directly to the skin. When you finish your face with paint, dip your fingers into cold water and mix the base directly. Make sure that all parts appearing on the back cover the neck. Mix with the hairline so no borderline appears. But be careful not to infect your makeup hair. Use very little paint. The purpose of the foundation is to color the face, not create a mask. But if there are flaws that need to be covered, then the heavy foundation would be good.


After finishing, move your clean finger slightly in the direction of your face. If you leave a mark or if you notice that you have a paintbrush, you are using a lot of paint, so you should wipe some. The skin should be moist and soft but not wet.

If you are using stick oil, which is more often used than soft oilymeans, first apply in cleansed or melted creamy face and thicken. Then wipe it off, just move on until you leave a thin layer. Crawl in the direction of the bar and face of the knee, two lines on each cheek, two under the neck, one under the nose, one in the direction of the chin and one on the chin. Then mix it with your fingers to make a fairly flat foundation. Of course you want a color irregularity for this character.
Probably the most common mistake in applying oil is to use oil more than necessary. As a result, oily makeup does not get high spots and shadows. Easily wiped, causing excessive sweating. Requires an unusual heavy powder layer and brings a mask effect.

Moist blush and shading colors (highlights, shadows, headlights) are blended into the foundation, then powdered to make up and lose the shine. Cream blush and shading colors can be applied on the same way to the oil base. If dry blush and headlight are used, the make-up can not be applied to the powder.

It is a castor oil based lubricant used on the raw material of this rubber. It is usually used in making three-dimensional makeup. Oil painting is usually applied with a red rubber sponge. This can never be powdered in the direction of the surface of the paint by scrubbing or brushing. Excess powder can be removed by gently powdering it with a soft powder brush. If the makeup is applied with different colors, the rubber masked oil painting should be made after powdering.

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