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You Can Never Outsmart Your Body

Peter E. Schwab (64-year-old banker) osing weight is easy. Keeping it off is hard. I am 64 years old, and for the first 62 years of my life I always had a weight problem. I wasn’t obese, but I was overweight enough that I didn’t look or feel good. I was also stiff with aches and pains and was starting to feel my age. Interestingly, I never got sick, but I sensed that if I kept going down this path, I was going to become an old man very fast.

I tried every diet in the blog. Each worked, and I lost weight. But as soon as I returned to my old eating habits, back came the pounds.

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Although I had been jogging for twenty years, forty-five minutes a day, six times a week (and I loved every minute of it), it did nothing to keep off my weight. It also did nothing to keep me flexible or get rid of my aches and pains.

Then, one day, I went to lunch with a friend I had known since high school, and I noticed how terrific he looked. I asked him if he had been dieting or working out, and he told me about Jerzy and The Happy Body program. I couldn’t get Jerzy’s phone number fast enough!

A few days later, as I was driving to my first appointment, I imagined that Jerzy would be a typical California trainer, with a tan and bulging muscles. Boy, was I wrong! The man I met was very special. He was an intellectual, a terrific teacher, and a weightlifting champion, and he had a clear vision of how he wanted to make me youthful.

The first thing he said is that the work was not going to be easy and would take time. Then he told me that jogging was actually the worst thing I could do for my body that it was one of the fastest ways to age myself. At that point, I almost walked out the door. When he told me that the program would involve lifting weights for thirty minutes every day, I almost walked out the door a second time, because I had always hated weight training. But when he told me that in one year he could help me to have a body that was as strong and flexible as it had been in my twenties, and that he would support me every step of the way, I decided to put myself in his hands.

So, I stopped jogging and, after a month or so, started to enjoy lifting weights. In fact, I came to love it even more than jogging. My body fat dropped to 16% as I lost 44 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle. Best of all, I felt great.

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