What Is to Be Done ?

The task is simple. To prepare yourself for ideal motherhood, you must change from your present conventional ways of living to a simpler more natural way for only in doing this can you rebuild your health and your strength, the normal prerequisites to healthy motherhood.

To uproot her inherent weaknesses and recapture her natural birthright, the modem woman must:

1. Adopt a wholesome diet based upon the use of simple natural foods, excluding from her diet all condiments and stimulants, as well as all foods that have been refined, processed, artificially prepared, or preserved.

2. Plan her activities to provide her with sufficient sleep, rest, and relaxation.

3. Not permit herself to become the plaything of destructive or uncontrolled emotions. Anger, hate, envy, fear, worry, play havoc with a persons life and are particularly harmful to the pregnant woman, as well as to her offspring.

4. Realise that inactivity weakens the body and engage in proper physical activities or sports to promote a healthy circulation and sound muscular development.

5. Eliminate all devitalising habits.

Our advice to the prospective mother is to begin at once. The greatest gift bestowed upon womanhood is in your hands and it is up to you to make good use of it.

Follow the instructions outlined in this encyclopedia with regard to sound living habits, and discard all habits of an injurious nature.

Start eating the foods we recommend, organise your thinking, develop poise, calmness, and serenity. By doing this you will rebuild your own strength and endurance and make motherhood a joy. This will also give your baby the foundation in life to which it is entitled.

The nourishing vegetable salads, the luscious fully ripened fresh fruits and berries, the tasty vegetable dishes listed in these pages will go a long way to eradicating the dangers of motherhood and toward building a healthier and more vital nation.

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