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Team wins championship against all odds

Albert L. Laurel, a businessman who has since moved to Hong Kong, told Judy Qua how he used the workout and fitness techniques when the basketball team for which he played had a rough season.

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“This year’s basketball tournament was a tough, high pressured one for our team, although we were the back-to-back champions,” he said. The team’s six-foot-three center and coach had both left to work abroad.

“Until three weeks before opening rites, no other coach was willing to take on the pressure of coaching a defending back-to-back champion,” Laurel explained.

Making things even more difficult, half of the players in the lineup were taking evening classes that conflicted with most games and practices. The team also had limited funds for practice-related, medical and other expenses. Then, after two wins, the team’s center-forward was injured and had to rest for the remaining seven games.

“Knowing these odds against us,” said Laurel, “I used the Exercise visualization workout and fitness technique to program myself to play a well-rounded game. Now, I wasn’t a dominant player on the team since there were certainly younger and more high-jumping players in the group. I seldom even attempted a shot in a game. I was what you might call a role player.

“However, during the championship game I was able to get an important rebound, then drive in past three opposing players for a lay-up at the opposite end of the court. This really sent the crowd shouting and cheering. After a few seconds, I did it again!

“In just under two minutes and cold from the bench, I scored four critical points and sent the crowd into a frenzy all throughout the rest of the game.

“Needless to say, our team was able to bag the Grand Slam crown at the end of the tournament. Against all odds with a little help from Exercise,” Laurel concluded.

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