What name should I travel under?

If you are getting hitched abroad you can’t change the name on your passport until you return home. You must travel in your maiden name and your return airline tickets need to be in the same name as your passport or they will not be valid. Of course you can change your passport to your married name once you are back home in the UK and are in possession of your Marriage Certificate.

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Singapore’s famed Anson Road bars were slowly closing as the city-state grew in prosperity and morality. Most bar-girls spoke English of a sort, or at least spoke enough English to get by. They all flattered, most could be funny, and they could all dance. They all lived in hope of getting a rich Western boyfriend. Some whored on the side but these tended to be the minority. They were always pleased to see us arrive and always sorry to see us go. Everyone recounted their runs ashore in the mainstream ports, because the names alone had a certain glamour and because this was where most ships went: Singapore, Hong Hong, Manila, Bangkok, Kobe, Pusan, Yokohama, Jakarta, Keelung, Kaoshung, Davao, Saigon, Penang. All these places had their respective bar areas, even though these were often chock-full of multi-purpose joints for sailors, the military, tourists and locals. The ‘best’ bars, the real-McCoy-sailors’-bars, the bars that were only used by sailors, were in the little ports – the backwaters – the ports where we had to go upriver and tie up to a small jetty where there wasn’t much except some cargo sheds, oil tanks and a few buildings And a couple of bars. These bars existed solely for the sailors that came in with the ships.

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