What REALLY Makes Men Attractive To Women

What REALLY Makes Men Attractive To Women Carl: All right, gents, in today’s post, I’m going to talk about what really makes a man attractive. So, what really makes a man attractive to a woman? Gents, it’s a fat wallet, that’s all you need. [Laughs Now, you know, I read the comments, I know what you guys are saying. And you know what’s funny is money does matter and I’m not going to say that’s a bad thing because think about it, the number of divorces that happen. You know what the number one cause of divorce is? Fighting and arguing over money.

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Finances, it can drive wedges between tons of people and I’m not saying having more money is good, having more money is bad, but some people do place it as something of high value. All right. So now, let’s get to the reason you clicked on this post, what truly makes a man attractive to women? The answer, it’s a Practiced Multimodal Approach to presenting yourself with confidence. And I know that’s bit of a mouthful, let me explain. So, multimodal, what does that mean? It means understanding that attraction that style isn’t simply a one-dimensional thing. It’s not one item that you wear. It’s visual. It’s also what is heard. It’s also what is smelled. It’s using those three or the key senses, all of these things play into are they going to find this person attractive. And, understand that, yes, that’s a lot of variables, but it’s something that you can practice be confident know what you stand for, have your message and walk through life. And that’s one of the reasons if you think about it why men who are in their late 30’s, 40’s, even in their 50’s are going to sometimes come off as some of the most attractive men to women because they’re confident they’ve developed and they’ve had the experience, they’ve taken the time to actually understand who they are and what they stand for.

So, bringing it all together, gentlemen, it’s not about you just grabbing pieces here and there throwing together a Frankenstein and then trying to wear it as a costume. No. It’s about you developing confidence. You develop the confidence when you practice a multimodal approach to style image and presentation that you can send the message you want to send that when you consistently do it helps you develop the confidence. Because, yes, you know using texture in a sweater such as a cashmere sweater will actually make people want to come up and touch you. Women find a man that they touch as more approachable, more attractive. But, I’m not going to say to wear a cashmere sweater whenever it’s hot outside. Maybe when it comes to sports jackets, you know I’ve talked about how they build up the shoulders, they look great, but you’ve tried it, you don’t like it. Well, then, find something else that’s going to work for you. Maybe it’s going to be simply a leather jacket, maybe it’s going to be a trucker jacket, maybe it’s going to be a fatigue jacket, but you find what works for you. And, don’t forget it’s a multimodal approach, not a one-dimensional approach. Men, we focused in on the visuals, but there’s so much more.

The way something smells, the way something sounds. Make sure when you’re controlling that message when you’re building up your confidence, you develop a signature scent. You try a wide variety of different fragrances. Maybe got something for the day, you got something for the night, something for dates, something you go out with and you feel great. Something maybe even for work that you develop your signature scents because you realize that it’s not just about not smelling bad when you put on deodorant, but it’s also about smelling good and sending that message that you want to send. When it comes to your voice, you get rid of the crutch words. You may be going and work on getting a deeper voice. Yes, you can develop a deeper voice. Maybe you’ve got an accent, maybe you actually are from another country which can be to your advantage. Here in the United States, if you are from England, guess what? We think you are smart. Whatever you talk about, we just believe. Wow, that accent, he must be smart.

If you’re from Australia, guess what? We think you want to have a party. Hollywood has programmed people to believe something here on the United States, but every culture has its stereotypes, has its pigeonholes we put people in. And when you control that message when you practice when you develop the confidence, you can find that you can get pigeonholed reliably by women and by other men as being intelligent as being what they perceive to be as attractive as successful as someone that they want to be around. At the end of the day, you want to use all of this attraction to get what you want out of life. I don’t know what that is, but I do know that you are a man on a mission. If you’re reading this my blog especially at this point in the post, you want to use this to your advantage. Now, you want more. I know this post didn’t get into a whole lot of details. I’m going to link to additional posts down in the description where I’m going to talk about the science of texture and how texture can make you more attractive, what items that you would want to carry to make you more attractive, what colors are going to make you more attractive. I have a lot of attraction posts, I’m going to link to those down in the description. Go check them out, guys. But, if you want more, again, I’ve got so many great things here at this style blog because maybe the post isn’t enough.

I’ve got my whole Science of Style section, I’ve got free courses, I’ve got an app, I’ve got a podcast. So many things I get into here at this style blog. Why? Because I want to help you use style to get what you want out of life. Nelson: So, my favorite part of the event was actually getting to network with people and getting to learn personally more about their jobs their lifestyles and just getting to communicate having possible relationships in the future with them. I also really enjoyed the panels. That was really a huge part of the inspiration for me. Aninda: The networking has been fantastic whether it’s during the breaks or like just at the end of the day. There is a lot of people super friendly, you just make eye contact and they just start talking to you. And it’s been amazing from that perspective. I came away with so many business cards, gave out so many business cards. I’m looking forward to the future of what happens after this. Carl: Rambling on, let me see.

So, I guess the question would be if you’re a man that take – carries around a slim wallet are you going to be less attractive? I don’t know. What do you think? Slim wallet or maybe you’ve got that like no wallet, it’s electronic, everything is electronic. Does that make you like really not attractive? Or does that like infinitely switch it and flip it and you become really super attractive?

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