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Hey girls Abbey here. So I wanted to do another basic kind of tutorial on how to curl your hair a lot of people ask me really basic questions in the comments that I’ll not always able to get to or you know I answer it and then it gets like it goes down the comma see other people never see it. So I thought it’d be good just to do a post that kind of encapsulates all of the frequently asked questions about curling hair okay the first thing I’ll gonna talk about is what’s actually happening to your hair when you’re curling excess gonna help me explain some things better later on.

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So we’re gonna start with that. So basically your hair has three layers um you have your cuticle which is your outermost layer and it’s lots of little shingles that lay around the inner part of your hair. So you’ve got lots of little layers hanging out down there the layer underneath that is the cortex that cortex is probably the most important part of your hair it contributes eighty percent of your hair strength it determines your hair strength your elasticity your color and your wave pattern and it holds all of the carrots and protein that makes up your hair. So it’s kind of a big deal and then inside of that is the medulla which really doesn’t do anything and a lot of people like blondes don’t even really have a medulla. So we’re not even gonna worry about that guy um. So your cuticle layer it’s kind of lots of little shingles the shingles can be raised they can be lowered based on heat um how you’ve conditioned your hair and whether it’s been chemically imaged or damaged from environmental stress like lots and lots of winds or a lot of salt being put on the hair that kind of stuff can also raise and kind of fry your cuticle the cuticles function is to protect the cortex now your cortex is what determines your wave pattern is also built up of your keratin protein.

So inside of your keratin proteins you have these thing called hydrogen bonds which are broken whenever your hair is heated up or wetted down and then whenever your hair dries or cools they reform and that’s what we’re doing when we’re curling our hair is that we’re actually breaking down those hydrogen bonds inside of the cortex. So that we can reshape the hair like a crazy scary process but every single time to get your hair wet your hydrogen bonds are broken. So don’t worry it’s not a big deal you’re not like destroying your hair or anything um. So you have to be able to get past the cuticle into the cortex to be able to change the shape of your hair and that’s important because a lot of people that have higher that’s hard to curl mostly will have a very intact or very um nicely smooth down cuticle because it’s protecting the inner cortex of the hair and then some people will have very resistant hair that has a very tight cuticle layer and those people are gonna have trouble with a lot of things like coloring their hair chemically treating their hair like um chemical Reformation is like a relaxer or perming they’re also going to have trouble with curling their hair because you can’t get into the cortex because your cuticle is. So tight. So that’s. So for people that say that like it is physically impossible to curl my hair that’s probably what’s going on it. So with all that said I’ll going to talk about what you need to think about when you’re preparing your hair for curling it as in what you’re putting on when you’re in your shower what you use after the shower and then what you use right before you curl your hair because all of those things matter the first thing you want to think about is to not have your hair too conditioned or too healthy and the reason why.

I say that is because what we talked about with the cuticle layer if the cuticle layer is laying down really smoothly and it’s really nice and conditioned and it’s like you know happy there you’re not really going to be able to curl it as easily also those humectants from the conditioners can actually kind of pull your hair down a little bit especially if you have very fine hair like mine it’s going to make it a lot harder to hold a curl. So me things you can do you could curl on the second day when your hair is a little bit dirtier it has a little bit more grit to it your cuticle is probably just a little bit off balance from having a day where you know Jason’s it’s been conditioned and that can help a little bit as well another thing you can do is to actually use less conditioners now I don’t recommend this for like everyday because it’s not going to be as good for your hair but if you have a special event that you want to have your hair curled for and you want to make sure that it’s going to stay use a little bit less conditioner in the shower and then if you’re a big leave-in conditioner person like I am really limit or completely leave out your leaving conditioner step for me when I curl my hair for my tutorials I use a tiny bit less conditioner and then I use a lot less leave-in conditioner because I do still want my hair conditioned but it is going to help my hair to curl a lot better and look a lot better whenever it’s got the less um leave-in conditioners on it alright. So the next thing that you can do if you already have your conditioner um you know you didn’t overdo the conditioner your hair isn’t too healthy or maybe you waited till you’re a second day um after you washed it to go ahead and curl it the next thing that you can think about is hang on products you put on your hair beforehand now before I even use a hairdryer on my hair I’ll putting in products that are going to help to hold the style. So me things you can think about using you can use a mousse where’s my mousse there it is you could use a mousse and what this basically does is it’s a nice little aerated kind of foam that goes through your hair and just adds a little bit of extra hold is kind of the same thing that a hairspray or gel does um basically This slightly less concentrated than a gel. So it’s going to be a little bit better for hair like mine it’s also really nice because it’s easy to distribute throughout your hair. So if you find something that has a nice firm hold and you just go ahead and put that through your hair before you use your hair dryer on it still going to be on your hair when you go to curl it and it’s going to help to hold that I’ll just a little bit better another thing you can do with your hair is very resistant.

I miss to actually amp up the hole just a little bit and actually use a gel before you dry your hair you don’t want to overdo this or you’re gonna end up with really crunchy hair but I use maybe a quarter size of this on my hair sometimes before I dry it and then I curl it in the curls last infinitely better with something like this or with a mousse because you have that extra support holding your hair into a girl another thing that people sometimes do and I’ve actually had people recommend me is to put hairspray on your hair before you curl it for me I don’t know why it just feels like that’s. So much more damaging for your hair um even though I already like I like to put mousse is on my hair first but for some reason the hairspray just feels a little bit too much for me but that is something that you can do if you want like a lighter hold if you don’t want to have to be putting on mooses or gels or you only want to buy one product something like that you could just put on the hairspray first and that’ll help you a lot and the next thing you absolutely have to use before you curl your hair is a heat protectant now I want to talk a little bit about just how damaging is curling your hair on your hair because I have some people that watch my posts that are just like heat of phobes like they will not use any heat on their hair and I understand it because it’s not great for your hair it’s certainly not the best option um if you want to keep your hair extremely shiny and healthy and all that kind of stuff but it doesn’t have to be just detrimental to your hair um basically whenever you’re curling your hair the thing that’s going to make it a little bit dry it out it’s gonna make it look a little bit worse is damaging the cuticle because once you damage the cuticle then you can damage the cortex a lot easier. So what you want to be doing we’re testing your cuticle by using a heat protectant.

I use a the Tresemme heat tamer spray I also use um big sexy no big healthy hair is slowly touchable on leave-in products too. So I’ve got kind of doubled up on that and what I’ll gonna do is it’s just gonna absorb a little bit of the damage from your curling iron on your cuticle. So that you don’t get quite as much of the damage on your cuticle it’s going to protect it a little bit longer no it’s not great for you obviously it’s really bad for you to use it every single day I’ve seen girls hair where they flat ironed it every day and you can tell it’s really better to kind of mix it up and not use as much heat if is if you can but if you have a special event or like on the weekend you like to curl your hair it’s not going to harm your hair permanently there’s a lot of things you can do to help yourself out I mean obviously you got your heat protectant and then you know throughout the rest of the week don’t use too much heat on your hair make sure that you’re protecting your hair when you use your hair dryer use a deep conditioning mask once a week things like that will really help to maintain the health of your hair even if you add curling into it. So don’t feel like heat tools are completely off limits like yes you do need to be careful with them and kind of respect how dangerous they can be for your hair but you know don’t be too afraid of it okay I have two more things first of all I want to talk about how hot do you put your iron on for your hair times with the clipless iron you’ll or a clip iron you’ll be able to choose how high your hair gets or how hot the iron gets and you always want to know what setting do you put that on I recommend the finer your hair the lower you go with it with mine I try to stay within the medium range right here you can see you have numbers through This a Hot Tools quart inch curling iron and I would really never get past or on here even if you have thick hair um you really don’t need to get too too hot with this and if you’re able to choose degree wise as as in like you know you can choose degrees or degrees or whatever.

I recommend This just me This not like I This just my intuition. So just take this for what it is I recommend for fine hair staying around to you don’t get much more than that and then for medium hair you could go up past and go into like if you wanted to but no matter what your hair type should not go past degrees because it is actually chemically impossible to make a heat protecting the protects your hair past degrees there’s a lot of hair straighteners out there these days and curling irons to get up into like degrees there’s no way that’s okay for your hair. So make sure that you’re using a curling setting that is conducive to your hair type like I said with a fine hair your cuticle is not going to be as resilient. So you’re not going to be able to use as much heat on your hair. So keep it keep it low um you know I keep mine around or I don’t really go too crazy with it if you have you know thicker hair you can always go up and go up depending on how thick your hair is because it’s gonna be a lot more resilient it’s gonna be able to take a lot more um damage or a lot more heat than this then fine hair is going to be able to yeah assignment alright and then the last thing is what do I recommend like as far as buying a curling iron you know This your first curling iron ever what do I recommend if you can only have one curling iron I would actually recommend this Hot Tools three-quarter-inch iron and I have a couple reasons for that first of all it’s a really good iron it does a good job of giving me curls that last a long time it’s pretty inexpensive it’s around twenty-five dollars I know on Amazon and then you can usually get it in a place like Sally’s or something for like thirty five dollars just. So depending on how much you want to spend I was to which is close like drugstore price. So it’s really good it’s also professional brands. So you get like an foot long cord which is really helpful and all of that and aside from this being a good iron I think a quarter a three quarter inch is going to be a good size to do a lot of stuff a lot of updos and curls can be made from this if you wrap your hair around the outside of it like a couple sign you can get curls similar to this um and then obviously you can get curls similar to this from wrapping it with the clip if your hair is easier to curl you might want to go up to an inch because the reason that.

I choose a three-quarter inch is that for fine to medium hair types usually your hair loosens up about a quarter of an inch and. So it’s good to go a little bit smaller than you actually want but if your hair curls really easily then you might want to go up to an inch because this can be a little bit like Taylor Swift II kind of small. So if that’s not what you’re going for go up to an inch but that’s what I recommend and the reason that I recommend an iron with a clamp is because you can wrap your hair around this and not use the clamp and it’s a clipless curling iron you even have to take this little dude off. So I don’t really think that there’s a lot of need to go out and buy different curling irons unless you really are into that really fast beachy look because there are some things that this iron gives that this one doesn’t give it’s a little this one provides a little bit more spring it’s a little bit um just looks a little bit more natural than when you just drop this around but if you want one versatile tool I recommend doing something like this curious about the iron that I’ll using today with my clip Oh Sian this one is by Burge it’s called the curl sticks and it comes with two other attachments like this I can actually take this one off once it cools down and put in something else This really good for me just because um you get three curling irons and one and it comes with a cool little bag. So I can actually once.

I’ll done with it stick it all back in here and throw that in my drawer with my curling irons and it’s really nice and compact and I just like that this gives a really good curl like these curls lasts really well and they’re really nice and shiny and springy I really like them I will link their YouTube in the downbar because they actually have a youtube my blog that um demonstrates each of these different ones. So you guys can check that out if you want to um I just wanted to go cause I use that in my Katniss cross tutorial people wanted to know what I think about it and if I think that it’s worth the money because it is like a hundred dollars um if you are into the whole clip of scrolling iron thing and you really think that you know if you’re in succubus curling irons I’ll not necessarily but if you are um it is a good deal because they work really well you get three different curling irons for a hundred dollars. So it’s basically like getting three irons for thirty dollars each that makes any sense and usually clipless curling irons are kind of expensive. So if you’re if you are really a clipless curling iron fanatic like you really would use this a lot you like this kind of curl and This really the only kind of curl that you care about creating I like these um because they last really well it creates a nice spring curl that lasts well on my hard to curl hair and I really like how it looks. So if you’re in the market for that and that’s something that you’re interested in and you just want to know if I give it a thumbs up or thumbs down I give it a thumbs up.

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