What To Do When A Woman Looks At You 3 Ways To Take Eye Contact To Conversation With Women

What Do You Do When A Woman Looks At You 3 Ways To Take Eye Contact To Conversation You just flew into town to your cousin’s wedding, you’re there at the reception hanging out in the back and you look over, there is sitting with her friend is this beautiful woman you’ve never seen before. And, you’re checking around all of a sudden she looks over, she looks right at you. You make eye contact.

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What do you do? Gentlemen, that’s the subject of today’s post. Now, gentlemen in preparation for this post, I did some serious research in the my blog comments and this is what some men are saying you should do. Number one, immediately back up and run away. Option number two, hide your wallet, hide your car keys, do not let her get access to your financial information or your banking codes. Option number three, completely ignore her, play hard to get. Okay. So, those suggestions are interesting, but in today’s post in my post I’m going to give you three action steps that you can take so that you can take the eye contact to a conversation. Are you ready? Let’s get into it. Tip number one. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with other people, we are all the same, we are all human beings we are all equal and it is normal perfectly normal to make eye contact with other people. Now, I know there are situations that, yeah, you don’t want to make eye contact because you don’t want to engage or talk with anyone, you don’t want to come off as aggressive. But look at the situation, if it’s a casual if it’s a gathering of human beings that want to interact with each other that have come there to interact, then use the eye contact as a first step to making a decision is this someone I want to engage with.

I used to be this guy that if I would make eye contact with a woman, I would immediately look down. I don’t know if I didn’t feel worthy or for some that was my, you know, default. I don’t know I just was embarrassed. I’ve always been an introvert. Make sure that you’re not just going to a default response, make a concerted effort to look at people and to genuinely simply engage with them and that takes me to tip number two. Smile. As soon as you see somebody and you engage with them, give them a smile give them a real smile. Practice doing this. Yes, it may not be natural it may not be something you normally do, but just look at them and say, hey, you know, how are you, you know, it’s like – and people can tell when it’s a genuine smile. They call it a smize actually and this is where you’re not faking it, you’re like – and I think some of the best people that do this are people that just genuinely wanting to engage with other human beings. They are curios what your story, who are you, what are doing here. And you just realize, hey, I want to get to know you, I’m just curious who you are, I have no intentions.

When you approach it, that way all of a sudden you’ve got nothing to lose and all of a sudden you become much more approachable, your body language changes up and you just become someone who’s there to talk with them engage with them and just be a friend. Tip number three. Prolong the eye contact is a great indicator that she’s interested in you. Now, what do I mean by prolong the eye contact? I’m talking one to two seconds and that may seem really short, but understand that most accidental eye contact lasts about a quarter of a second or less. So, whenever she is making eye contact with you, four to ten times longer, then most eye contact you see normally out there that’s accidental that, again, is she’s indicating she’s interested and it is something that you can then make a decision am I going to take this to the next step. All right, gents, decision time. You’ve been making eye contact you’ve been smiling at each other, what action are you going to take? Well, for many men the action is to do nothing to just ignore, I mean, yeah, she’s very attractive woman and might have a great conversation, but I’m married I’m in a relationship, I’ve got somebody that is back in the other town for me and I’m just simply not going to go engage with that yellow flag. And that, you know, if you don’t know what yellow flags are they are basically when you’re taking steps in the wrong direction and when you hit that red flag, you’re not going to be able to stop. And that is something that I really advocate that men are careful of the actions that they take and the situations they put themselves in. Now, if you’re single and she’s single why not go start the conversation. And to start the conversation, if you’re interested in that, I’ve got a great post here I’ve done this post already how to start a conversation with anyone. Go check it out right here on my blog.

But, gentlemen I want to encourage you to develop habits which are going to help you succeed and one of them is to not be afraid to look at people and to start the conversation, to be open to just everything that’s out there and just become that person that can talk to anyone because when you can do that, it’s an invaluable skill that’s going to open up opportunities open up doors that you never knew were out there. And, yes, you may find, hey, she’s not my type, but actually she’s got a contact over at this company and next thing you know, she’s making an introduction, you’re finding a new job opportunity. And, guys, that’s how opportunity comes your way. All right, gentlemen now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. Tell me what you do when a woman is looking at you. I know I’m going to hear some funny things down there. But, if you want more go check out the support article at my blog, I’m going to link to it down in the description. I’ve got tons of other bits of information if you want to become a better man you want to become more confident, you want to become the man you know yourself to be. Gentlemen, that’s it. Take care.

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