What’S Been Your Most Expensive Purchase?

AD: I don't really go too crazy with the credit card, but it's probably my Sons Of Heroes lion silk and leather jacket, which is a few hundred, but is an absolute showstopper.

JD: Probably my Phillip James suit – it's got some clean lines and is cut to make you feel like a million quid.

What two tracks best describe your town, and your style?

AD: So Solid Crew, 21 Seconds; Alex Reece, Pulp Fiction.

JD: Scott Garcia, It's A London Thing; M Beat, Incredible.

What are your top five original trainers?

Nike Air Jordan: Can't choose just one.

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These sneakers define my childhood. Converse All Star high tops: I dare you to find an outfit these don't go with. Nike Air Yeezy 2: I still dream of owning these.

Nike Air Max 90: So many ways to customise these.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger Chi: Iconic sneakers from one of the most iconic movies of all time, Kill Bill. Happy 10th birthday, KB!

Has your family been an influence on your style?

AD: As I've got older, I've noticed my style and how I carry myself has taken influence from our Jamaican grandparents. At all times our granddad would be camera ready and I try to reflect that when outside of my house. I get laughed at a lot for how seriously I take ironing my clothes. Creases are not cool, kids. I have strong memories of watching my granddad getting ready in the morning and I think I have followed the same path.

JD: Absolutely. Growing up we were taught to always look your best when you leave the house; creased clothes were a no-go. We realised the ethos may have gone a shade too far when one of us – I'll let you guess who – once had seams ironed into the tracksuit bottoms they took to school for P.E.

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