Which foods should I avoid pregnancy?

Which foods should I avoid pregnancy?

Women are now bombarded with so much advice concerning what they should and shouldn’t eat in pregnancy that it is easy to become unduly anxious.

The following foods may pose a risk to your well-being and that of your baby and you are advised to avoid them in pregnancy. However, I want to stress that if you have eaten any of the foods below you should not panic.

Unpasteurized or blue cheeses (including brie, camembert, gorgonzola) and pates may contain listeria, a rare bacterium that can have potentially fatal consequences for your unborn baby.

Cooked meats and pates can also contain E.coli, another rare but potentially dangerous bacterium.

Raw fish and shellfish, raw or undercooked eggs, and raw or undercooked meat (especially chicken) can contain salmonella, a bacterium that is killed by heat. Salmonella infection causes unpleasant symptoms in the mother but it does not cross the placenta, so the baby is not affected.

Chilled foods and ready-washed bagged salads. These can contain listeria or salmonella.

Raw or undercooked meat and unwashed fruit and vegetables may be infected with toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection carried in cat faeces, which can cause damage to the fetus. Eighty per cent of the population is already infected (and immune), and toxoplasmosis is only potentially dangerous if infection occurs for the first time during the first trimester. Always wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly and wash your hands after handling these and raw meat.

Liver contains high levels of vitamin A, which has been linked to fetal abnormality.

Large predatory fish, such as tuna or swordfish, can contain high levels of mercury, and farmed salmon may contain high levels of pesticides.

I am craving carbs but worry I will put on too much weight. What should I do pregnancy?

Women often worry when they start to crave a lot of carbohydrate in the first trimester but this is perfectly normal, as you need energy. The key is to eat little and often and to make sure you eat plenty of good carbs

(102) rather than snacking on lots of sugary, refined, or processed foods. Use organic honey or jams made without extra sugar and eat organic chocolate when you need a sweet fix.

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