Which Razor is Best Cartridge Vs Electric Vs Straight Vs Safety Vs Disposable Razors

How To Choose The Perfect Razor For You How to select the perfect razor for you? Guys, it’s simple. You take your year of birth, multiple that times your height in centimeters divide it by the last four digits of your phone number and then, take that final number and square it and what you get is complete nonsense which I wish it was that simple guys. I wish I could give you a formula, but it really is easy if you understand that there are five main categories of razors. And within these categories, they each have advantages and disadvantages and when you know that, you can go out there and you can try all of them and you can find the perfect razor for you. The first razor style I want to talk about is the straight razor. This is the grandfather to all the razor types I’m going to be talking about here. Go back thousands of years, used by the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans. This right here two hundred years ago was the prominent ra – I mean it was just simply at work. Great thing about the straight razor is that this could last a man’s entire life all you would have to do is run it over a strap maybe get it professionally sharpened or know how to sharpen it yourself and you have an instrument that could just get the job done. The problem with the straight razor also known as the cut-throat razor is, yes, you could seriously injure and cut yourself.

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You had to have really great technique, you had to know what you were doing. It too and it still takes years of practice to get up to a point and daily use where you’re very proficient. So, if you want to go to a daily shave with a straight razor and you have the extra time that it does require and you can develop that technique, it’s a great razor. The next razor style I’m going to talk about is the cartridge razor. It gets its name from the replaceable cartridges that come with it. A handle like this oftentimes are going to be made actually pretty nice, does a good job with the grip, but this is going to used again and again. So, it goes right in here, comes right out. Now, this is arguably the most common razor type on the planet for good reason. It is convenient, it’s easy. When I was talking about that straight razor, you got to keep it sharpened you go to know what you’re doing. When it comes to a cartridge razor, it is very forgiving on your technique. It does this because with the cartridge razor you’re usually going to have a movable head, you’re going to find something that rotate, but at the end of the day you got something that you don’t have to have a high skill in your technique and you can still get in excellent shave.

You’re going to see them from one single blade to multi-blades. Now, the multi blades work by simply those bottom ones right there, they pull on the hair and as they’re cutting it, the other blades are going right after and they’re cutting as well. This can give a very close and excellent shave. So, for a lot of guys without much technique who simply want something that’s convenient, that’s fast, that they can be in and out of the bathroom in a short amount of time or if you’re just getting started with your shaving or you simply just don’t have time to spend on going over with the straight razor, the cartridge is going to be great. So, another advantage of cartridge razors over straight razors and safety razors is that you can travel easily with a cartridge razor. You can take this on your carryon, you can take it, you know, basically you don’t have to check this down below the airplane. That’s a huge thing especially if you’re traveling really light you’re only taking one bag. Also, I like how I can pretty much pack everything I need for a month of shaving right here. Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of the cartridge razor. One of them is the size of the head. If it’s a got big a head, it’s going to be a little bit difficult to get into harder to reach spot. Another one is when you got the multi-blades.

For some men, the pulling of the hair out and then cutting it is actually going to cost ingrown hairs. Finally, let’s talk about the price. If you’ve ever been out there, you’ve realized, okay, this box is locked, I can’t even get in here and then you look at the price, you’re sometimes sticker shock by how much cartridge razors can be and you break that up per shave it can be expensive. Until now, guys, the Dollar Shave Club has shown up and they’ve disrupted the entire market. If you haven’t heard of them, go check them out. Dollar Shave Club, they’re the paid sponsor of this post and for the last year, year-and-a-half, I’ve been working with them, I can tell you guys they are a great company, it’s a great shave it’s a great razor. And, they don’t just do razors. This morning, I used actually many mornings I’ve used their shave butter. This is a great shaving cream. And right now, I’m going to link to them down in the description. For a limited time, new members get their first month of the executive razor with a tube of Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter for only $5 with free shipping.

That’s a $15 value for only $5. After that, razor is just a few bucks a month. Gentlemen, you can get this offer at DollarShaveClub.com/realmen. Again, that’s DollarShaveClub.com/realmen. Like I said gents, I’ve been using the Dollar Shave Club for over a year. I love their razors, they’re at a great price. I love how they are conveniently delivered right to my door. And I travel quite a bit, so when I’m traveling I simply grab their cartridge razors, take them with me. The shave butter, it’s a great product. What I like about it actually it doesn’t lather up, but it provides a lot – I just use it this morning.

Again, it has a very nice smooth, it allows the razor to go right over the face, but they are not limited to just products like that. They’ve also got a post shave cream, they’ve got hair and conditioner, they’ve got shampoos, they’ve got body washes. What else do they have? Daily face cleansers, they’ve got soaps. I can tell you this stuff is in my bathroom. It’s great products, I highly recommend them. Next stop gentlemen, we’ve got the safety razor. The safety razor as its name implies was actually a safer version or marketed as a safer version than the straight razor or the cut-throat razor. It really made headway for itself about a hundred and twenty years ago and then it, you know, for about seventy to eighty years it was the dominant razor out there. So, the great thing about the safety razor is like the straight razor, it uses a single blade. So, for a lot of men who have irritation who are getting maybe ingrown hairs, this is going to be a great option. A single razor, they’re relatively inexpensive, you can buy them in packs, you want to change it out probably after every or every other shave depending on the razor type and who makes it and there’s a wide variety out there or wide variety they sell. This right here is a very simple one.

This one right here a little bit more complex. We’re talking about $80 to $100 for some of these higher end ones, but they can go much, much higher than that. You can find some entry level ones for about $20 or $30, but this is something that you’re going to spend more money on the front, but over time you can save. Now, the disadvantages of the safety razor besides the extra money you’re going to have to spend upfront is you do need to have technique. You do need to have some level of skill to be able to use this. This is not like basically with a cartridge you can just shave, you know, you can be half drunk and shave with one of those. With this, you do – you can still cut yourself and this is something that you want to have the proper technique and know what you’re doing. Razor type number four, the disposable razor. And this is if – if you’re getting your razors, you’re traveling, you ask the hotel for a free razor, this is probably what they’re going to send you. These are cheap, inexpensive, and it’s – it’s a crapshoot in terms of what you’re going to get in quality. I actually of all the razors I’m going to talk about here, this is probably my least favorite because of quality control issues. Now, you can go out there and spend some good money and get a little bit higher quality made by respectable brands, they’re going to have multi-blades and actually can get you a decent shave, I think have better quality control.

But at that price, you know, then you’re looking at cartridge and you might as well go cartridge because actually, you know, throwing a lot – you’re making a lot more waste when you throw this away. But, disposable razor a good one does have a place in a man’s wardrobe because if you’re traveling you expect this to get lost or if you have somebody visiting your house. I know we have visitors in our house and occasionally they stay a couple of weeks, we give them or they make available, hey, if you need a razor to shave, I’ve got you covered right here. So, in that case I think disposables are perfectly fine. Next stop gentlemen, let’s talk about electric razors. So, electric razors, a lot get a bad rep, but you know, for certain situations, they work and the big advantage of electric razors is convenience. They are simply some of the most convenient razors out there. Now, you’re going to see two options with electric razors. You’re going to see the back and forth cutting motion with the foil and that’s basically it’s got little knives and blades underneath here. They go back and forth and when it goes over your skin, it will – the hairs will go through there and it will cut them, then you have the rotating motion right here and it’s got blades to go in circles and those are going to cut in that way. Now, what you want oftentimes you’re going to find these are going to be in general more expensive, but I do prefer actually higher quality razors when it comes to electric razors simply because one of the big issues I find with electric razors is that lower quality ones actually will allow parts of the skin to go in and they will actually cut your skin and cause irritation. So, that is a big disadvantage with electric razors.

Another big disadvantage with electric razors is for many men they just don’t provide a good shave. Finally, the cost, a good electric razor can sometimes cost you hundreds of dollars and since it’s got so many mechanical moving parts it actually when it – if it breaks down on you, it’s a big loss you just got an oversized paperweight. All right, gentlemen so it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments what is your favorite razor type and what is your least favorite razor type and why. Let me know down there in the comments. I love going down there checking out what you guys write, learning from you. You are all great audience, you’re a great community, and I do appreciate you guys supporting me and everything we do here at this style blog. Now, in the description of this post I’m going to link over to a support article which is going to go into more detailed than I was able to cover in this particular post, so if you ever want more, go check out the support articles at this style blog. Gentlemen, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post.

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