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HOW I GOT INTO FASHION: I’ve always wanted to create beautiful images, and was fascinated by fantasy-themed fashion photographs.

I started doing it for fun at first, then it became a full time job.”


makes me happy when people tell me how my work inspires them. This means a lot to me because I started my career having been inspired by other artists.”

WHAT PEOPLE TELL ME ABOUT MY JOB AND WHY THEY’RE WRONG: That fashion images are all Photoshopped! It’s true that images are carefully reworked and improved by makeup, set design, lighting and manipulation (we’re in the business of selling fantasy, anyway), but the original image still has to be good, otherwise no amount of digital manipulation can beautify the material.”

FASHIONABLY FACING CHALLENGES: It’s hard to balance being faithful to your personal aesthetic as a photographer while striving to deliver something fresh in each piece of work. I try to stay up to date with new visuals, as well as play with lighting and color-grading. I always have to be passionate about learning, because when I get too comfortable, I feel complacent.”

WHY PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE NOTICE OF PHILIPPINE FASHION: What I like about Philippine fashion is that it can flexibly adapt to seasons and trends, even those dictated by Western fashion.”

Fashion Tricks a la Charisma

Knotting a shirt at the waist helps define your figure.

You can never go wrong with leather.

Try DIYing your way to a new trend, like ripping your jeans at home!

A pair of badass shoes can make the simplest outfit stand out.

You have to feel good to look good.

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