Who Is Your Style Inspiration 59 Sharp Dressed Men To Emulate

Who Is Your Style Inspiration 59 Best Dressed Men Of 2019 Who is your style inspiration? Who are the men that you look to to become a better dressed man? The way that we become better is we emulate the master, you see this in almost all industries. People learn from those that are better from them or those that are doing things in a different way. That’s what I want to really push in today’s post. I’m going to expose you to over fifty men who I think are killing it in the style game. All right, gents I want to stress this is not a ranking, I’m putting the numbers here for easy reference for you so that you can find the particular individuals who, yeah, you match may be their skin tone, you have the same hair type, you like their particular style. That way you can write down their names, you can find them easily, and that you can do a search for more images for pictures. Maybe you can follow their Instagram, follow their my blog and you can be inspired to dress like them to emulate their style so that you can use it to become the best-dressed you. So, first of on the list is Justine Trudeau. And he’s the only politician I put in here, but I have to give the guy props, he is a well-dressed man. Number two on this list, we’ve got Shah Rukh Khan, SRK. If you’re not familiar with Shah Rukh Khan, you need to be. This man has dominated Bollywood and is one of the best-dressers I think to come of India.

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Number three. Idris Elba. Every time I see pictures of this guy, he is sharp dressed whether he’s wearing a suit, whether he’s wearing casual clothing. Number four. Samuel Jackson. I really like Samuel Jackson’s casual style. I think this guy does a great job with accessories and so you definitely want to check him out for that. Number five. Benedict Cumberbatch. So, I really think Benedict does a great job, again, with his casual clothing. Every time I see this guy, he’s just well put together. I highly recommend you look to him for some style inspiration.

Number six. Ryan Gosling from how he dresses in his various movies to the way he is simply snapped in pictures in and around Hollywood. What I like about Ryan is that, one, we’ve got so many great examples. He also has lighter hair, lighter skin which I know for a lot of guys is difficult on trying to figure how to dress for this, but Ryan makes it easy for you. Number seven. Hu Bing. If you’re not familiar with this Chinese actor, he’s also a model. This guy is all over the place, but what I love about Hu is he works with colors that work for his complexion. He’s got dark hair, he’s got lighter colored skin and if you’re looking for someone that travels internationally, this is the guy that knows how to travel and how to dress for it. Number eight. James Corden. What I like about Jame is he’s a larger guy, he still looks great.

He wears a lot of more formal clothing he’s oftentimes on the camera. So, if you’re going to be on camera, if you’re a larger guy, look to James for inspiration. Number nine. Dev Patel. Like all the actors on this list, he can get dressed up and look good. But, again, it’s Dev’s casual attire which really sets him apart. I also like it when he went through that longer hair phase. I don’t know if he still has it, but I would say that the longer hair and the way he wears it, it‘s just really stylish. I highly recommend you check him out. Ten. Harry Styles. I really like Harry Styles just in general.

Everything he wears looks great on him, fits well. Eleven. Eddie Redmayne. Again, this is another gentleman that’s constantly in front of the camera. He looks good whether it’s casual whether it’s dress attire. You want to go check out Eddie if you match his complexion and colors. Twelve. Michael Fassbender. So, I love this actor especially since he was in the X-Men movies, but in and outside the movies, he just seems to nail it. Again, I love his casual style. He just looks great. So, if you’re interested in dressing casually dressing sharp, check out Michael.

Waris Aluwalia. Now, from the picture it’s obvious, Waris wears a turban and he’s got a beard, two things which make him standout from a lot of people in the western world. But the thing is the way that his clothing fits him on his particular frame is immaculate and all of a sudden we’re paying attention to his clothing, we’re paying attention to the man not the fact that he stands out that he looks different from the crowd. So, if you’re a Sikh, if you’re a man that grows a longer beard and you’ve got a thin frame you’ve got his complexion, you definitely want to learn from Waris. Fourteen. George Clooney. Could a list have been complete without George? I don’t know, but every time I see this guy whether it’s the red carpet, whether it’s just casually about town, he looks great, he looks sharp and if your hair is starting to gray you’re getting a little bit older, George is the guy you want to follow. He makes it just look so simple. He still looks great. You can always learn from George. Fifteen. John Cho.

So, maybe ten years ago, he would definitely not have been on this list, but I think that John has gone through an evolution, he has really stepped up his style game. If you match his complexion, you’ve got a high contrast, dark hair, light-colored skin, John in general kills it when it comes to casual dressing, so you definitely want to go check him out. Sixteen. Colin Firth. So, if you want to dress sharp, if you want to dress like a perfect Englishman, Colin Firth is probably one of the best guys that you can learn from. If you haven’t seen the movie, A Single Man, I highly recommend it. He worked in that with Tom Ford and just an excellent movie when it comes to style. Now, we’re getting into entertainers. So, up first Will Smith who I guess you could say is an actor, I still think of him as a singer as an entertainer. And what I love about Will Smith is he’s not afraid to experiment. He also – there is a wide range of photos over the years how his style has evolved. So, if you’re an older man you’ve got the same complexion, you’ve got the dark hair, definitely check Will Smith.

He always is on point. Eighteen. Drake. Another entertainer another style icon. Drake knows how to dress not only formally, but also casually. Every time you see the guy walking out in front of the cameras he just looks immaculate. Someone all of us can learn from. Nineteen. Bruno Mars. So, what I love Bruno is he took a lot of cues from Elvis Presley not just in his singing, but also his style, so it brings back a lot of retro not afraid to own his hair. He’s got some high hair here. He’s a relatively short individual, so if you match his complexion if you’re a short individual, you may want to own your style just like Bruno.

Twenty. Justin Timberlake. Now, an interesting fact about Justin Timberlake is his father was a banker and Justin learned to dress from his father, so he’s always have a love for suits of dressing sharp. But, as he’s an entertainer as he’s guy that’s up on stage, he also understands the power of costume, so he’s not afraid to get out there and try something different. Now, can you dress like Justin Timberlake? All the time, maybe not, but if you’ve got lighter colored hair, you’ve got lighter colored skin, he may be a great person to be inspired by. Twenty one. David Beckham. So, David’s mother was a seamstress. She was basically a woman that work with needle and thread and that had a profound effect on David. He’s always been a stylish gentleman. He’s always, yes, been an athlete, but he’s always been someone that understands the power of dressing sharp. Twenty two.

Cristiano Ronaldo. So, Cristiano is a style icon simply because of how great of a football player he is in Europe, but every time you see this guy he’s not afraid to wear the bling, he’s not afraid to get out there and dress like he owns the place. I’m not saying that all of these can pull this off, but I am saying we can be inspired by him. Twenty three. Russell Westbrook. So, what I love about Russell is he’s not afraid to push the boundaries. This guy is the fashion icon of the MBA simply because he’s not afraid to go out there and just go completely against the crowd wear something that people are going to make fun of. He knows this, but it grabs attention. It’s one of those things I love men that I see out there just owning their image and he backs it up on the basketball court. Twenty four. Dwayne Wade. Okay.

So, not as extravagant as Russell, but this is the guy that has consistently dress well, owned his image while in the spotlight in the MBA. And, I really like here it brings a lot of classical styles. Twenty five. Odell Beckham Jr. So, if you’re not familiar, this guy relatively young, but still understands the power of image and style. He’s a great football player, but he also understands that you want if you’re going to be in advertising, if you’re going to want to have other deals outside of the football field, you’ve got to build yourself up as a brand and that’s what he’s doing. Twenty six. Pep Guardiola. So, if you’re not familiar with football in Europe, you’re probably not going to be familiar with Pep, but he’s a coach and he’s on the sideline always looking immaculate. He looks great, but it looks completely effortless despite the fact that he’s going up and down the sideline, he’s yelling at the reps, he is out there talking to and pumping up his players. He is the man when it comes to style. Twenty seven.

Conor McGregor. So, you knew this guy was going to be on the list and I know many of you all hate Conor’s style, but when it comes down to it, this man understands the importance of presentation of image of sending a message, in fact, he just called out what was it? Mayweather, saying you should start dressing your age start dressing like a man. Just cracked me up. Twenty eight. Nick Wooster. So, if you’re familiar with men style you’re probably familiar with Nick. This guy has probably been one of the most photographed men in men style. It’s from his tattoos to his hair to the way that he’s not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to modern clothing and wearing some of the latest trends. If you are – you are into facial hair, you are an older man, what you may find is, yeah, I’m not going to wear all that he’s wearing, but I like how you pulled that look off, I’m going to incorporate that into my wardrobe. Guys, that’s the key with an icon is someone that you can learn from you can be inspired by. Twenty nine. Tom Ford.

Speaking of icons, Tom Ford, this guy out of Houston, Texas has redefined in many ways what it means to be a well-dressed man. And I just love Tom Ford suits I love his casual clothing, I – everything about Tom Ford except the darn prices of his clothing. But, I will have to say he can command that with his fragrances with everything he puts out because he just simply wants and expects the best. Thirty. David Gandy. So, if you’ve seen any type of advertisements with a male model you’ve probably seen David Gandy. Now, you can argue David doesn’t even dress himself he’s got all these stylist, but what it comes down to is the man knows how to look good probably because he’s gifted, you know, with a great genetics, but also because he pays attention to all the small details. Thirty one. Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs over at Street Etiquette. So, if you’re not familiar with this website, you should be. These guys have helped bring street wear to the masses. If you match their complexion, if you are in an urban environment, you definitely want to check out Street Etiquette.

Thirty two. Dan Trepanier over at Articles of Style. If you’re not familiar with this guy, he was one of Esquire’s best-dressed man a few years back. What I love about Dan though is there are tons of examples of him wearing different pieces of clothing out there. He truly is a modern young style icon who is self-made. I highly recommend you go check him out, look at what the guy is doing and he is someone you can definitely inspired by. Thirty three. Aaron Marino. What can I not say about Aaron Marino. Now, he doesn’t have tons of pictures out there, but what he does have tons of posts and this man probably more than almost anyone else on this list has inspired and made a difference with the small details with the energy he brings to the room. A great dressed guy, a very good friend of mine and he’s someone that I am inspired by not just because of the clothing and the way that he grooms himself, but also the man that he is. Aaron, you know I love you and I’m proud to have you on this list.

Thirty four. Jose Zuniga. So, if you are down in Florida, you want to learn how to dress sharp in the heat, maybe you match his darker skin with his darker hair, you’ve got his build you’re younger, you want to go check out Jose Zuniga over at Teaching Men’s Fashion. Him and his brother, Juan do an excellent job teaching guys how to dress sharp, but there are at least tons of posts tons of different outfits. What I really love about their my blog as well, he takes a lot of pictures, he makes this information available so that you can actually see what he’s wearing. Thirty five. Sven Raphael Schneider from Germany now living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sven is the real deal. He’s a personal friend of mine and what I love about Sven is that he’s not afraid to walk his old path. In a world that most men are casually dressed, this guy in the Midwest is pulling off ascots he’s pulling off pin collars, he takes a number of photos there’s a number of them out there, he also makes great posts. And so, if you’re looking to dress sharp to go down your own path, definitely more of a formal style, go check out Sven. Thirty six.

Brock McGoff. If you’re not familiar with Brock, you should be especially if you’re on the smaller side. If you are a guy that’s under 5’7”, if you weigh less than 120 lbs, you’re going to love Brock because he understands that it’s hard to find clothing, so he not only wears a lot of these clothing and models it especially over on his Instagram, but Brock also talks about the brands. He introduces you to them. I just love what Brock is doing. I’m proud to have him on this list. Thirty seven. Tanner Guzy. So, Tanner is all about masculine style. That was the former name of his company, but really if you want to represent and dress in a way that you show the world of what you stand for in an environment which most people don’t, Tanner is you man. He’s got a great my blog, he puts out tons of pictures on how to simply dress as a father as a husband as the man you know yourself to be. Thirty eight.

Brian Sacawa over at He Spoke Style. So, definitely go check out. Brian has tons of photos and in Baltimore he does a great job of showing how you can dress in an urban environment still dress formally, dress the way you want to and look great doing it. So, definitely go check out Brian over at He Spoke Style. Thirty nine. Sabir M. Peele over at Men’s Style Pro. So, what I love about Sabir is he again is in tons of photographs so that you can be inspired. If you match his complexion you match his look or you just want to read some great information about men style, definitely go check him out over at Men’s Style Pro. Forty. George Hahn. George is in New York City, he’s a well-dressed man.

If you’ve got his complexion, the dark hair with lighter skin, if you’re an urban type of individual you’re in New York or you live in Chicago, you definitely want to check out George. He’s also got a great podcast, but there are pictures of him looking great and I think George is a great style inspiration. Forty one. Barron Cuadro over at the Effortless Gent. So, what I love about Barron not always a whole lot of photographs of him dressing sharp, but when he does he looks great. And he’s live both in San Francisco in New York City, so he understands style in the urban environment. If you go over to his website, Effortless Gent, tons of examples. Really one of the world’s thought leaders when it comes to men style, so definitely go check out Barron. Forty two. Simon Crompton over at Permanent Style. So, Simon has a background as a journalist, but he’s got in the men style as a hobby something he just wanted to look into. Next thing you know it became a business form.

If you live over in England or over in Europe, you may find that you just resonate with Simon, so definitely go check him out to be inspired. Forty three. Hugo Jacomet over at the Parisian Gentlemen. So, if you’ve got long gray hair, you definitely want to be inspired by Hugo. But, it’s a lot more than that, it’s the way the man carries himself. He’s at fashion shows throughout Europe, so if you type him in you can find you can go grab his book which is very well-illustrated, it should be on everyone’s coffee table. But, highly recommend if you want to be fashionably inspired from a European perspective, definitely go check out Hugo. Forty four. Blake Scott and George Laboda over the at the Gents Lounge. If you’re not familiar with this duo, they’ve got a great my blog. These guys are the real deal if you’re young, you want to be inspired and they’ve got very – what I love about the combination is they’re very different men, so you can look at them, you can say, you know, I connect more with George or maybe you connect more with Blake. Whatever it may be, you can go there find tons of images and be inspired to dress like the man you know yourself to be.

Forty five. Adam Gallagher. So, I see his pictures stolen all over the web and right, you know, you know why it happens? Because Adam makes style look easy. He put so many different images out there, but go give him a follow over on Instagram, check out what he’s doing. If you want to dress better, go learn from Adam. This guy is killing it when it comes to casual style. Forty six. Travis White. So, if you’re not familiar with Travis, you want to go check out his Instagram. This guy knows how to dress and he’s also a personal friend of mine. Travis has done amazing work over the last few years. He’s putting out tons of images, tons of pictures and he’s got from casual to more formal wear, he’s got a great Instagram.

I highly recommend it. I’m going to link to it down in the description of this post. Now, to save a little bit of time guys, I’m going to go a little bit faster to wrap this up. Forty seven. Mariano Di Viao. Forty eight. Will Taylor. Forty nine. Fabio Antinosio. Fifty. Johannes Huebl. Fifty one.

Jim Chapman. Fifty two. Kadu Dantas. Fifty three. Chris John Millington. Fifty four. Cary Grant. Fifty five. Steve McQueen Fifty six. James Bond. And I think it’s hard to go wrong with pretty much any actor that has played this iconic individual. Fifty seven.

Harvey Specter over at Suits. Fifty eight. Don Draper over at Mad Men. And fifty nine. Thomas Crown in the Thomas Crown Affair both movies. All right, gents. That’s it. That was a lot in today’s post, but I want you to be inspired and more importantly I want you to take action. So, let me know in the comments in this post who are you inspired by, maybe I missed it maybe you want to add them into the comments. Now, gentlemen if you want to help me reach more people with this post, I would appreciate a like, I would appreciate you sharing this post, I would appreciate you passing this onto other men because my goal here at this style blog is to make an impact to make a difference by helping men use style to get what they want out of life. I know so many of you wanted – you just got big dreams, you’ve got ambitions and I feel that if you can dress in a way that people open up doors to give you that chance that opportunity, you’re going to be able to make an impact and be able to make a difference in this world. Gentlemen, that’s it.

Take care. I’ll see you in the next post.

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