Why a Man Should Care About His Appearance Reasons for Men to Dress Sharp

Why a Man Should Care About His Appearance Reasons for Men to Dress Sharp Hi. I’m Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog. And today I’m going to talk to you about why give a damn about your appearance. Okay. So first thing is first. First, appearances matter. If you look at anyone that youíve ever met, anyone that really had an impact in your life. Oftentimes, youíll think back to the first time that you met them. So, same with my wife. I can remember what my wife looked like and how she presented herself, and everything about that first meeting because she made a great first impression. So, as you go throughout the day, understand that youíre meeting a lot of people for the first time. And many times, you may not even open your mouth.

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So your clothing, the way you present yourself, what covers 90 percent of your body is making the first impression. And if youíre dressed sharp, whether itíd be in the sweater and jeans, whether itíd be in a suit and tie, that is saying something about you. And make sure that you control that. You know, I donít know what message you want to send but make sure you control that message and you make a great first impression. All right. The second thing is it increases your perceived status around your peers. Now, how does dressing nice do that? Well, if you come to a group of people you are ñ letís say you are at a new company and youíre looking for whoís in charge and you see a bunch of guys milling around. And one of them is wearing a sports jacket. He just looks like heís in charge. Thatís the guy youíre going to go to and ask to find out who is in charge. And if that happens enough times, you know, people are going to start to know ñ I mean, that guy, heís the go-to-guy. And why did you make that initial assumption? Because he looked apart.

He look like he could be in charge. And so youíre putting your hopes. Youíre making a snap judgment based of appearance. So, why not be that person? Why not be the guy, the go-to-guy that people look to as ñ you know, he looks like heís in charge because perception can and eventually does oftentimes become reality. The other thing is it increases your confidence when you dress sharp. Militaries around the world have known this. Look at how much pride in the Marine Corps takes in their uniforms. As a former marine, I can tell you that we spent a lot of time going over our dress uniforms where everything is placed. And when you wear your blues and you went in the town, you felt unstoppable, undeniable, which is probably why so many of us ended up in jail after so many balls salvage. Okay. You didnít hear me say that. But, really, it comes down to when you put on a suit, itís ñ I mean, itís like a suit of armor, you put that on and you feel confident and you know you look great, it makes you look more masculine and you can go out there and nail that interview, nail that presentation and just feel good.

Another part is, letís see, dressing sharp forces you to pay attention to details. So, like, I was just talking about uniforms. I mean, we have to know exactly where every little badge went. And weíre taking out a rule or youíre measuring exactly where it goes. The same thing for a man when he has to dress sharp, heís paying attention to his shoes, heís not only cleaning them, heís conditioning them and then heís polishing them. And he has to take time, he has to pay attention of these smaller details. And when you spend 30 minutes a week, putting on a good shine on your shoes and then five minutes at the end of each work day cleaning them off and putting away properly, you can bet that youíre going to look around and look at what other guys are doing. And itís not that a men who dresses sharp are going to be more confident, not guaranteed. But I can tell you a guy that doesnít care about his appearance and just looks sloppy all the time is someone I would be very careful to trust with anything important. So, again, youíre paying attention not only the details in your clothing and in your life, but it forces you and teaches you to pay attention to the details in others. You start to notice things about women, which isnít a bad thing, you know, when you complement them specifically about an item that makes them look great, that they love is. Or if you can, you know, you start noticing that a guy does pay attention to those little issues.

And this perhaps a guy that youíve never spoken with, but he may be someone you want be with in that next project. Okay. You know, it makes you more useful at work. Now, you know, does dressing sharp doesnít have you grow another arm or have another head while you can, you know, do multiple projects at the same time. What I mean by makes you more useful is it means that youíre somebody that can be put in front of a client. And Iíll give you an example. So, I have a client, in accustomed made clothing, in case you donít know and Iíve got a client over at Microsoft. And hereís a programmer, and programmer interestingly donít dress nice. Well, this programmer does. In addition, he actually had a tuxedo made. It was his ñ he felt that occasionally he needed one. He was tired of writing.

Well, guess what, literally, six months after we made him that tuxedo, Bill Gates was in town. And this was surprise visit. Nobody ñ literally, there were six hours notice and he was going to be at a black tie gala or some type of charity event and they wanted a junior programmer there, but he have to have a tux. No one else had time to go grab one. But my client was there prepared. And they even asked him, because they knew he always dress nice and they figured he would probably be the guy. And so, even though when it comes talent wise, he told me he was, you know, not at the same level with a lot of other guys. But because he was prepared, because he was more useful at work because he was simply dressed for the party, he was ready, he was prepared. Okay. If you give a damn about your appearance, you start to understand how colors and patterns can speak for you. You donít believe me? Well, what do you think about a guy that wears, you know, a pink outfit? You have an ñ you form an opinion of that guy. But what about a man that can wear colors that look great on him are very masculine, but at the same time allow him to stand out, make him appear more unique? I mean, just look at this green olive fabric that I have here in my jacket.

Theyíre unique. I can tell you that whenever I go out, Iím the only man wearing a jacket like this, and it feels nice. People notice it. Itís not like Iím trying to, you know, push myself on others, but itís a small detail that I donít even have to open my mouth. And Iíve already said a lot about who I am and that I take pride in my appearance. The other one is patterns and understanding that patterns can give the elusion and can make you look taller. They can make you look more proportional. They can make, instead of looking like a lanky giant, they can help cut you down a size and make you look a bit more substantial knowing that a double-breasted jacket are wearing heavier fabrics is going to appear to give you more weight can make someone thatís really skinny look like he has a little bit of meat on his buttocks. So understanding colors, understanding patterns, all of this comes in to caring about your appearance. Okay. The other part, it looks like about clothing making a statement about who you are. So you walk into the doctorís office, who looks like the doctor? The guy with the white lab jacket, that ñ you know, you look at that he has on that jacket.

It instantly sense a message of authority. If you walk into a court room, what does the judge have on? Heís a got a robe. Now, there are reasons that these things exist so that we can instantly spot who is in-charge and who do we trust as an authority figure. Whenever I ñ I live in a small road town in Wisconsin. I go to my ñ every time I go to my Sunday school, I dress the part of this firm because I know I represent my family every time I walk into that building. When I go into the principalís office, it usually doesnít matter if thereís a big group of people perhaps, you know, kind of milling around, you know. I donít really know if they are there just ñ I donít know what theyíre doing there. I donít know who works there. But when I walk in, people notice, and people I get immediate attention because I look apart. I look like Iím important. The same thing when I walk into a busy bar or I walk into a busy restaurant, I walk in and I ñ I know who I am and Iím very confident. And I show the world that, ìHey, Iím here.

Iím in business. And please treat me like a respectable human being.î All right. The last thing is a little bit funny here. But good looking men call the shots. What does it mean to be good looking? It really has little to do with actually whatís on your face and mug. Look at the most successful men in the world. Even Steve Jobs, heís got a uniform. I mean, donít be fooled. Yes, he wears ñ he wears that black turtleneck. He wears those jeans which fit him horribly. But that is the message.

He cares about his appearance, so much so that he is very ñ he controls his image. If you look at Warren Buffet, hereís a very rich, very powerful gentleman. And he purposely ñ even though he could afford the best suits in the world, he doesnít go with that. He likes to portray this image of this guy that lives in the same house for 50 years over in Omaha, Nebraska despite being one of the richest man in the world. Again, just look at the people that are calling the shots. They care about their appearance. They realize itís one of the easiest things to do. You could have a Harvard MBA, you can have a degree from Stanford, no one is going to see that. All they see is the clothing that you have on your body before you open your mouth. So, make sure to give a damn about your appearance and to make the best first impression because, really, this is about you. This is about you being able to make your road easier. I know that you could not care, but why would you do that to yourself? Itís like shooting yourself in the foot.

Give yourself the best chance to succeed. All right. This has been Carl at this style blog. Thank you for your time and enjoy the other posts and the other article weíve got throughout our website. Thank you. Bye-bye.

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