Why A T-Shirt Does Not Complement Most Male Body Types Mens Fashion Style Advice Tips

Why A T-Shirt Does Not Complement Most Male Body Types Mens Fashion Style Advice Tips Hi. Iím Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog. And today Iím going to be talking about why a t-shirt doesnít flatter with most male body types. Okay. If you havenít already, please comment to our my blog.

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By doing that, the posts will come right to you. In addition, if you like this post, if you find it useful, I would appreciate it if you would click on the Like button right down there. And finally, if you want to learn more about what Iím talking about, go ahead and go to the articles which were linked right over here. I always linked useful articles which will teach you more about menís style. Okay. T-shirts do not flatter most menís body type. Let me just throw that out there. And you know, thatís hard for a lot of guys to accept because we love t-shirts. We grow up wearing t-shirts. We wear them into our 20s. We wear them through our college, highschool. And we want to continue to wear t-shirts because thatís what we have always known.

But unfortunately a t-shirt does not complement a manís built unlike a jacket. And Iíll get into ñ and youíve seen tons of posts of me, if you havenít, thereís lots of them out there, but Iím wearing a sports jacket 99% of the time. Now, Iím wearing a t-shirt today. And this is a great t-shirt. This is actually ñ one may buy it a good friend of mine, Sharky Liu over the company Juice Streetwear. And I link them over here at this style blog. But I am fortunate because I probably in the classification of men who can wear t-shirts and look pretty good. Because I take care of my body, I exercise, I eat well, so those things right there. And a t-shirt just shows off a masculine built. I donít have huge biceps or triceps. You know, thatís my one weakness. Iím a bit thin when it comes to overall built.

But you know, I donít have a huge stomach and so a t-shirt looks pretty good on me. And when I go out and itís hot I can pull this off. But for most men who have weight in the mid-section or going to be having weight in the mid-section or letís say, are short or are really tall and lanky, a t-shirt is not something which is going to look great on you. And the reasons are, is itís going to draw focus one to your arms. And if youíve got really thin arms or really not great-looking arms, you know, where ñ I mean, where were your eyes being focused at? Well, the contrast is between the dark shirt and my arms here. In addition, it doesnít have any structure around the neck. So thatís another thing right there. You know, itís just ñ it doesnít really build up and it doesnít have a great look due to those areas in the body where youíre instantly drawn. The other one is, if you have a bit of a stomach, a t-shirt does not hide it. In fact, it accentuates. So if you got a bit of a stomach bulge, itís going to show that off. And it just doesnít look great.

Another thing is it violates the rules of thirds. So oftentimes, youíre wearing a pair of trousers or pants or jeans which have a contrast with the t-shirt. And it doesnít got used so the rule of thirds states that you want something to be either two-thirds and one-third and thatís how, you know, when you wear a jacket, it actually goes down past your buttocks. A shirt, usually when youíre wearing it untucked, it just goes barely past the buckle, maybe an inch or two below that. And that basically cuts you in half especially if thereís a strong contrast there. And it just doesnít look as appealing or as aesthetically appealing as a jacket and just trust me. And Iím going to show here in a second. And then finally, a t-shirt does not build up the shoulders at all. So in addition to making the stomach area maybe look a little bit bigger, it makes, you know, it doesnít do anything for building up you over here in the shoulder area. Now let me throw in a jacket and show you the difference. So here is a sports jacket that I had made. And I could probably wear this into a club.

How do I look? Pretty good. I donít about the pockets where theyíre made almost too much. I probably wear a white one or maybe even a black one. But you can see immediately my shoulders are built out. My shoulders are built out. I donít know, itís maybe three-quarters of an inch half an inch on each side eventhough I got a pretty soft shoulder here. And so itís a very small amount. You canít see down here but it does bring in my mid-section a bit. And by doing that, by bringing in my mid-section, what happens is it ñ your top area is built up, will create more of the masculine V. And by creating that masculine V, it just makes you look more masculine, more manly. And thatís always a great thing because people want to be around healthy males. We donít want to be around sickly individuals.

And being overweight and having it exaggerated by t-shirt, it makes you look less healthy. And you donít want that. So you know, again, weíre talking ñ think of it like you know, ChristmasÖ Ötime. You get excited when you were a kid when you saw all those presents under the tree and theyíre wrapped really nice. Now imagine those same presents if ñ well, you probably will still be excited as a kid but you wouldnít get ñ it would be less exciting if they were just wrapped in a look like crap. And really thatís what a t-shirt when worn by itself, in my opinion. Unless youíve got the body of Adonis or youíve got a good built, which for 70% to 85% of us were not in that category. You know, it just isnít going to be the best in your wear. And weíre on all about men dressing their best so that they can get the opportunities that they know they deserve. So when youíre thinking about what youíre going to wear out there, give a second thought to just wearing a t-shirt by itself. Consider a long I mean I know not everyone is going to be wearing a jacket. So consider a long-sleeve work shirt if youíre a blue collar ñ you know, if youíve got a job as mechanic or you got job as a plumber, donít wear a t-shirt as your company shirt.

I mean you need to be looking at, ìOkay, what can I be wearing that not only looks better on me but also protects me as well?î T-shirts donít do a great job protecting you. So look at a long-sleeve shirt that you know, has a collar to it and make sure you just look better and more proportional, and does a better job giving you a more masculine look. Okay. This is Carl Centeno with this style blog. Hopefully I made a pretty strong case. If not, go read the article and Iíll talk about it quite a bit more.

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