Why LuAnn de Lesseps Is Heading Back To Rehab

Rehab saved my life it just it was the best thing that I could do for myself, and I’m. So glad I did that LuAnn de Lesseps has checked herself back into rehab The Real Housewives of New York star is seeking help for the second time after attending an alcohol treatment program after her intoxicated arrest that late last year in the last few weeks that has been reported that LuAnn was drinking again, and had been open about saying how difficult it was to stop, and in a shocking twist in their relationship LuAnn has authorized co-star Bethenny Frankel to speak on her behalf Frankel said quote this weekend LuAnn was surrounded by her girlfriends, and decided with their support that in light of recent circumstances it is the healthiest choice for her not to attend Tuesday’s reunion taping Bravo has confirmed that she is not taping for the season ten reunion for more on LuAnn and. So much more keep it here at my blog com.

Why Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Are Still Frustrated With Her Dad Thomas

I’ll adjust to this I’ll get over this father-in-law frustrations while it may seem normal to have differences with your in-laws no one is experiencing this more than Prince Harry sources are saying he, and his new wife Megan Markel are quote frustrated with her father Thomas continuing to give interviews to the press royal sources have revealed that the Duke, and Duchess of Sussex have had absolutely no contact with him lately well obviously that all went to hell, and I feel bad about it I apologized for it, and that’s all I can do I can’t do much better on that. But that was mistake now as we all know it was Prince Charles who filled in for an absent Thomas Markel walking Megan down the aisle at the Royal Wedding. But don’t expect mr. Markel to be walking back into Megan’s life anytime soon with sources saying she is fed up that he keeps speaking to the tabloids, and even has been receiving payments for some of his interviews for more on Megan Harry and. So much more keep it here at my blog com.

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