Why Pay More For Quality Underwear Guide To Mens Underwear 5 Underpant Styles

Gentlemen, Carl here. All right. Today, we’re going to talk about underwears, specifically the difference between cheap underwear and high quality underwear. So, over the last few years, I’ve had quite a few samples sent my way and, I have tried these things on, I’ve tested a wide range of underwears made anywhere from basically synthetic materials to linen to cotton even wool underwear. And I can tell you guys that there is a big difference between the stuff that you’re going to get for $3 to $10 in some packet, you know, discount department store and what you’re going to find out there that is available for you if you know what to look for.

Why Pay More For Quality Underwear Guide To Mens Underwear 5 Underpant Styles Photo Gallery

Now, I’ve got quite a few samples here and they were sent to me by company called Tani. And, this is good for you guys because guess what? I’ve got these excess samples here which aren’t even my size and I need to get rid of them. So, let me know in the comments if you would like a pair of these and the only way to do that, by the way you have to go to their website, check out let me know which style you like. I can’t promise I’m going give you that style, but if you say one of the styles and I’ve got it, the first person to actually let me know when you see some of these pop up in the post, I will try to get this to you. I’ll send like a little response message and you can only put one by the way. Have fun with this in the comment section.

But, getting back to the point, the difference between cheap underwear and expensive underwear really comes down to fit, feel, it’s the quality and the comfort. And if you enjoy those things such as I mean, think about with razors we started off with maybe a single blade that you pick up at a pharmacy and now, many of you guys are learning how to use safety razors, the straight razors. Many of us, we have certain needs and I’m not going to say that you have to have performance-[nature underwear, but if you like to feel a little bit better down there, why not go with the material that actually wicks away moisture, that is incredibly soft, softer than silk, but yet is going to be more durable. Those options are out there. So, like I alluded to, there are two points I’m going to cover and I talk about the difference styles, five styles in particular and then, I’m going to get into fabric, so let’s dive right into the styles. So, briefs. Briefs you see them around tidy whities. This is usually going to have about four inches of material up and around the sides and pretty common you see them out there probably the most common and historically they actually had an opening in the front area, so well, you could use the bathroom. Now, boxers. These came after briefs although you could take a step back and say that some of these cloths were used actually were similar to boxers, going to be a much more loose fitting especially for those men that didn’t like let’s just say their testicles up closer to their body. One of the reasons your testicles hang is that so you will actually have a lower temperature there and you’ll be more let’s just say you won’t be shooting blanks. So, boxers came about a little bit with that in mind, but they are very popular as well.

Now, let’s get to my favorite ones which are the boxer briefs. I like these because they’re still pretty loose fitted similar to boxers, but they actually have some of the form functionality of the briefs. One thing I don’t like about boxers, excess material occasionally gets in the way especially if you’re wearing a well-fitted pair of jeans, boxer briefs very nice medium, they’re one of the more modern developments and I think they are the best of both worlds. Now, you’re going to see two other styles out there; bikini briefs and thongs. Now, I’m not going to get bikini briefs I understand some people just simply they want to wear something, they find it more comfortable. The big difference between those and briefs is going to be less material on the sides and possibly a little bit less in the back, also made oftentimes from a lighter material. Thongs, you know the jockstrap, if you think about it, it is a thong to that, you know to some respect. But, gentlemen definitely those are the five styles. I’ll go into more detail over at this style blog. I’m going to link to the article, go, you can read more about all of that over there. Now, let’s get in the fabrics. So, I have to probably be – I’m going to just reveal, I’m a complete dork here or nerd.

And, I read this book, it’s actually Textiles, talks a lot about them. So, I got a pretty decent understanding and I’ve started to realize that it is the fabric that is the huge difference, so cotton is going to be the most common out there. But, you have to understand, there is a difference between low quality cotton and high quality cotton. The difference being oftentimes the length of the actual fiber and the cleanliness of it and how thin and how tight it can be woven. So, I’ve got a sample here from Tani and this is going to be their Swiss touch cotton. And look at the way it’s been woven here, one thing that I can immediately tell about this is it’s incredibly soft. You guys have heard me talk about [shirtings and different types of wool qualities and weaves, but only 3% of the world’s cotton crop usually the best coming out of Egypt and maybe that Sea Island stuff we’re seeing come out in the United States and the few other parts of the world where they grow cotton is going to be able to be used in Swiss cotton. So, that is I mean simply right there, that is a huge difference. Now, when it comes to linen, I’ve seen a few linen pairs, I’m not a big fan of linen underwear at this point. I would like to see some developments in the area. Wool is going to be great to some extent, it is a luxury fabric. However, most of the wool underwear I’ve seen just really doesn’t – it doesn’t wick – I mean wool absorbs moisture up to a point, but then it becomes – and starts to feel wet.

In addition, it can be a little bit too warm. You guys have heard me say be careful of man-made fibers. Man-made fibers can be all over the range, but there are certain man-made fibers that are just let’s just say are blowing me away. So, this one right here another pair from Tani and it’s made out with Micro Modal Air. What I love about this is it actually is softer than silk. It’s, you know, actually a little bit small thinner and the reason the thinness matters is the lightweightness of the weave and the overall feel of the underwear, but it’s more durable and that is incredibly important. The problem with silk, if you ever own anything silk is try cleaning it try washing it, exposure to water will actually damage it. Very difficult to clean. So, something like this that actually is made to be washed again and again and again, you know, it’s pretty amazing. Whenever you’re looking at weaves, weave enables it to stretch come right back. So, think about a lot of the cheaper underwear, most of the stretch is going to be up here in the band actually here there wasn’t really any stretch. So, if it fits you a bit tight, it felt tight.

With the stretch actually here in the full material, it’s going to conform to your body and therefore eliminate any hotspots and it’s going to feel better. I’m going to go into more detail in the article at this style blog, so go check it out. Again, Tani, it’s a great company. I’m very impressed with what Adam and his team are doing over there. They’ve got a great website. We are going to have a really cool deal for you guys, 25% off. Use RMRS25, use this code and you can use this on your first and second purchase. I talked with Adam about it, he wanted to make sure you got in your second purchase as well, so if you just want to give him a try and see the difference for yourself you can do that and then, next time jump in there and order ten pairs. But, I was talking with Adam about this, the big thing is look at what you’re going. I challenged you to grab one pair of high quality underwear. And then, look at what you’re always going to be grabbing. I’ve done this with undershirts, the first time I upgraded to a quality undershirt I found I was always reaching for this same piece again and again.

Wouldn’t that be nice if you had a complete wardrobe of items that you just love to wear? So, guys let me know what you think. Let me see you in the comments, I’m going to definitely get back to five of you guys and just have you contact me and get a free pair. That’s it gents. See you in the next post.

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