Why Teen Mom OG Star Ryan Edwards Was Arrested Again

Doing it we’re here Teen Mom og star Ryan Edwards has been arrested again on Monday July 23rd Maci Bookout ex was booked in Tennessee for quote previous charges or other reasons according to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office a spokesperson for the Hamilton County Jail in Tennessee told radar online.com that he was arrested for petition to revoke probation from a prior charge of simple possession of heroin the spokesperson added quote he is still here he has no bond he goes to court August 6 2018, and he will be in jail until his court date of course most recently Ryan, and Mackenzie announced last week they are no longer posting Teen Mom og saying we are not returning to Teen Mom this season the network told us they don’t want to show Ryan as a recovering addict Mackenzie went on to say. But they did want us to enter into a contract with our unborn baby, and have the baby post with Ryan’s parents. So it would look like someone else is raising it for more on Ryan McKenzie, and all things Teen Mom keep it here at my blog com.

Why Kelly Clarkson Is Taking Steve Harvey’s Place On Daytime TV

Hey what’s up y’all welcome to the Kelly show sorry Steve Harvey there can only be one American Idol Kelly Clarkson is set to host her own syndicated talk show in 2019, and the our leading up to the Ellen DeGeneres Show we’re excited about that aren’t we now of course that leaves Steve Harvey who was axed due to low ratings, and poor caliber of guests according to Radar Online Zandi Tillett now as you may have heard there has been scandal after scandal surrounding Harvey whether, it’s been harassment bullying, and even cheating people out of money. But who can forget about this I have to apologize the first runner-up is Colombia. So now all eyes will be on the Grammy winning singer, and coach of the voice who will helm her own daytime talk-show Kelly has made the press rounds saying the show will feature her own band, and will of course be very musical for more on the ever-evolving saga of daytime talk-show drama stay with my blog calm.

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