Why Wear A Mens Sweater Vest Tips On Why Men Should Wear Sweater Vests

Why Wear A Men’s Sweater Vest Tips On Why Men Should Wear Sweater Vests Hi. Iím Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog. And today weíre going to be talking about the sweater vest and why wear it. Okay. If you havenít already, make sure you comment our my blog by clicking on the Subscribe button right above. And if you like this post, go ahead and click on the Like as well. These things help me know whether or not these posts are good, whether or not I have to create more like this.

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And if you want to learn more about what weíre talking about here in the post, then go ahead and click on the article down below. I always link it to a relevant article so that you could learn more about what weíre talking about here. Okay. The sweater vest, why where it. Iím really going to get into two reasons. And number one is function, number two is style. So starting with function of the sweater vest. And you can see Iím wearing one right here. I love sweater vests. They fit well under a jacket. And the first reason for wearing one is that it does keep you warm. It provides a layer of warmth.

Mine is made of 100% wool. And wool has the unique property of retaining heat, unlike a cotton dress shirt which doesnít do as great of a job. So with a very thin layer Iím able to stay warm and still look you know, pretty sleek and slim. You know, I can dress sharp but I donít have to throw one big overcoat. And actually if itís really cold, I can throw an overcoat with the sweater layered underneath and all of this is just going to help keep me warmer. Okay. Number two is it gives a sense of more of a formality. So kind of like a three-piece suit. And the three-piece suit came about as kind of a ñ as an answer to the double-breasted suit and the more closed-up look because you donít have as deep of a V eventhough I do ñ Iím wearing this single-breasted jacket here. It looks like the V is narrower and that gives it more closed-up look. And that more closed-up look is a more formal look. And so by doing that, it just takes at a step higher.

In addition, if I were to take off this jacket, then what we would see is even with the dress shirt and trousers, that is not going to be ñ you know, we see that all the time. But wear a vest over that, or especially sweater vest, all of a sudden, it gives a bit more of a formal look. Itís a more monochromatic look. It well depends. You know, if youíre wearing like with this, it would be more monochromatic because it might ñ it more appear of raw denim so there were indigo color if wearing them with this color, with this dark blue sweater vest here. And youíre going to get a very up and down ñ easy, lousy eyes to go up and down. And what it does, itís going to make me look slimmer and itís going to make me look taller. And itís kind of like an optical illusion because again, it allows the eyes to go up and down. They donít get stuck anywhere. Because if youíre wearing a white shirt with a dark pair of trousers, where are the eyes going to get stuck out? Right there in the center where the trousers meet the white shirt because thereís so much contrasts there. So again, you get rid of contrast. You allow the eyes to go up and down and create a slimmer, more masculine look.

Finally, if Iím not wearing this jacket, I can have a more formal look with more freedom of movement. So letís say this jacket is getting a bit restrictive, take it off and I still got a pretty buttoned-up look but I donít have the issue of having a jacket on. Okay. So thatís when it comes to function. Now when it comes to style, the great thing is you get to bring in texture. And texture is something that a lot of guys never think about. But if youíre wearing, letís say a very and it doesnít have so much in effect with this jacket because this jacket already has a nap, feeling nap texture to it. But if I were wearing a very sleek jacket, letís say, or a suit made from worsted wool, then by introducing this sweater, all of a sudden Iím bringing in a nap, very soft feel. And it gives ñ you know, texture just ñ you know, how sometimes you see a you see a blanket and you just and you just want to put your hands around it or you just want to go to sleep and wrap yourself in that thing, well, you could send the same signal, you know, with some of the clothing that people get a ñ itís more of a softer feel. And you are able to, you know, bring in texture. So consider that. Another one is color.

Now this one creates kind of monochromatic view with the shirt Iím wearing. But if I wanted to bring in a red or a gray, all of a sudden ñ or even one thatís got a pattern in it, I could bring in a very ñ a unique sense of color and contrast into the outfit without being overlaying because this is the only color theyíre going to see. And if Iím wearing a jacket over this, I could have, you know, something thatís a got a flat pattern in there or something thatís got a little bit brighter color here. You donít want to go too bright but you can go with something that draws a little bit of attention to this area. So that color introduces a very unique style aspect as well. And all of these plays into helping you stand out when it comes to style and create a little bit more of a message that, you know ñ most guys donít even think to wear any typeÖ Öof vests. And if you donít see yourself being ñ wearing a vest by itself, then try wearing it under your jacket. If you donít really wear a jacket, go for something very lightweight so you donít get overheated. But youíre fine, itís going to look really great. And I could have worn a tie with this and that probably would look pretty well and really nice but I decided not to for this post. But you can see where Iím going. You know, have fun with the sweater vest.

Itís a great item to have in your wardrobe but I think it should be part of the core wardrobe at least. And it doesnít get as hot for a lot of guys you know, the overheat. Itís not going to be as hot as a full sweater. And you donít have to necessarily go Iíve got a button-up here. You can go without the buttons. You can even look that have something that got crew neck ones out there. I like the V-neck a bit more but find what fits you and wear it and Iíll see you in the next post. Itís been Carl Centeno with this style blog. Take care.

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