Why Wear A Suit Jacket Sport Jacket Blazer How Jackets Improve your Appearance

Why Wear A Suit Jacket Sport Jacket Blazer How Jackets Improve your Appearance Hi. Iím Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog.

And today Iím going to be talking about the difference a jacket makes. Okay. What guy out there wouldnít like to be a couple inches taller? Or perhaps, more muscular, or perhaps, lose 20 pounds in the midsection. I mean, all of this sounds great, right? You know itíd be great to have little bit broader shoulders and a body which even Adonis would be jealous of. Well, for most of us, that means a lot of work in the gym. And for some of us, when it comes to height, weíre just not going to crack, 5í8î-5í9î, well, because nature just didnít intend it to be that way. However, there is a secret weapon out there. And itís not a pill. And itís not something youíre going to see at 20 oíclock in the morning on some late night show. No. Itís actually something you may have already on your wardrobe. Itís a suit jacket, or sport jacket, or a blazer jacket, or any type of jacket that fits you well and cuts a more masculine silhouette, can do all of the things I just mentioned.

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So, Iím going to go over how a jacket can ñ if cut correctly, and if it fits you well, and itís the right color and pattern, can make you look taller. Can make you look more fit. Can make it look like youíve lost weight. Can make you look broader in the shoulders. All of these things, which at the end of the day, make you look more masculine, more healthy. And why does this matter? Well, people want to do business. People want to be around healthy people. I mean, thatís why you donít have, you know, huge ñ people just arenít excited to be going to hospitals or to funerals or things like that. You know that stuff we have to go to but itís the same. People want to be around healthy individuals because it signifies life. And you want to be a man who looks like heís going to be around a while. Who looks like heís someone I want to do business with because he just makes me feel great.

You know women want to be around him because they feel comfortable around him. He gives off a very strong masculine feel. Okay. How does a jacket make you look taller? One, it builds up the shoulders. And when you build up the shoulders, you give an increased perception of height. In addition, on the right type of body, a jacket with, you know, that cuts a little bit thinner silhouette around the torso, can make you look thinner than you are. And anytime anyone looks thinner, theyíre just going to make them look taller. If you wear dark trousers, or you wear with a dark jacket or any type of monochromatic look, which a jacket enables you to do, all of the sudden, youíve got, something that allows the eyes kind of a road where the eyes can go up and down on. And this monochromatic look can give an increased perception of height. You can also double up with youíre a little bit on the shorter side or if youíre just medium height and you want to look taller. And you can actually go for a suit that has some type of pinstripe, chalk stripe, something that allows the eyes, again, to go up and down. And this is all going ñ itís a very small amount but it is a noticeable difference.

And itís something that if you put two men next to each other, the one who is dressed with a suit or with a jacket and a pair of trousers that fit him well or monochromatic and have the right make up, with color and with pattern, thereís going to be a night and day difference. And itís not until youíre going to up to that person that youíre like, ìWow, heís a little bit shorter than I thought.î But thatís why youíre going to think about it because heís already ñ in a sense, youíve got a favorable impression. Itís very hard to get away from ñ once they form a favorable impression of you, people want to reinforce that. So thatís what you want. Okay. Now, moving away from height, letís talk about how does a jacket make you look more muscular? Well, the big thing is, it builds out the shoulders. So, this jacket right here, it probably builds out my shoulders each side, I donít know, three quarters of an inch. So, my entire shoulders go from being, I donít know, 18 inches, to about 19 and a half inches. And thatís a pretty sizeable difference, where I mean, it may not sound like a lot but on the right man, itís a pretty big difference. And itís a very pronounced difference because the jacket is darker. You can see the outline of it better.

It has got a bit of an edge to it. All of these makes for a broader looking shoulder. And a broader looking shoulder makes a man look more muscular. Because men naturally ñ theyíre going to have larger upper bodies. When youíre going through puberty, you get expose to a healthy amount of testosterone, which forces ñ and throughout our lives, allow us to build more muscle. And thatís why weíve got this, you know, bigger upper bodies. And itís just a natural cueÖ Öthat people associate that with health. In addition, whenever you move ñ and human beings, you know, we, from a distance, can tell that usually the sex and the health of another individual by the way they move. And whenever you move, itís going to exaggerate your shouldersí sway just a bit. And this, again, signifies that youíve got a muscular, a more muscular build. And again, this is something that women are, of course, attracted to it by nature. But also other men and Iím not talking necessarily in the sexual way.

Iím just saying that if I want a partner, if Iím going to be, letís say, going off and hunting or if I am going to be going off into a big project for my company, I want a guy thatís healthy as my partner, who can watch my back and be there. So, you know, thatís where it definitely falls into. Another part that it creates a bit more muscular look is if you got a good build or youíve got a semi-good build. By having it fit well in the torso, youíre got to get away from that box look. So usually, a jacket thatís unstructured or one that fall straight down would have a square angle like this. Whenever you put on a jacket, youíre got to do this inverted triangle. So, let me see if I can recreate this. Okay. So, weíve got something like this. Anyway, look at the picture that Iíve got from this article. In any case, youíd have this inverted triangle with the big top that goes to the smaller bottom. This is a very masculine look and something that you ñ basically, the jacket imitates.

When you look a shoulder points, and right here, look at this, this ìVî. It just creates this image, which throughout human history, has signified strength. Okay. Now, what about losing weight when I mention that? Well, again, if youíve got something that fits you well in the chest and because your shoulders are increased, all of the sudden, itís going to ñ you may not have much of a drop but itís going to make you look like you have more of a drop. And when I say of a drop I mean the distance ñ the difference between the circumference of your chest and your stomach, and your midsection area. Even though it may be the same, if you wear jackets that fit you well, itís going to make it look like thereís a substantial drop. And if youíre in a somewhat good shape, itís going to look even better. Now, there are limits to that, you donít want to have some type of hour glass figure. And you donít want to look like a cartoon character. Body builders have this issue where, you know ñ weíd actually got to give them a bit more room in the midsection because otherwise, theyíre just ñ well, theyíre going to just look cartoonish. But a bonus to the jacket, which I really didnít mention before is also, it will make you look more proportional. So, if youíre a really short man, a jacket can help you look thinner.

Again, it can make you look a bit taller, so I kind of mention that. But if you are really a tall man, a jacket can make you look more substantial. Instead of looking tall, skinny and lanky, youíre going to actually look like youíve got a bit of weight on you. And wear the right jacket made out of the right material. Actually, instead of, you know, with a short man, we say donít go with any horizontal lines. But as a larger man ñ I mean, a tall, skinny man, you definitely want to go for the lines going across. Now, if youíre a tall, large man, you donít want those lines. But if youíre tall and skinny, you can go with checked fabrics, heavier tweeds. All of these is going to make you look a bit more substantial. You know, your arms, no one is going to be able to see that youíve got, you know ñ that youíre 6í5î and youíve got, you know, 14-inch biceps. Theyíre not going to see that. What they are going to see is the outline of the material.

And again, itís going to make you look more substantial, make you look more masculine. And in the end, wearing a jacket is the easiest way to improve your appearance. This has been Carl Centeno at this style blog. I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want more information, please visit our website and weíve got lots more posts and great articles, and other content there for you to learn more about the foundations of men style. Take Care. Bye-bye.

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