Will Becca Tilley Be The Next Bachelorette ABC Star Tells All!

Are you dating today I’m dating. But I think I have baby fever more than I have like she just wants a baby not a relationship I don’t know I want a baby, and then I see kids that are liking that like weird 7 to 8 year old. I’m like I might hand them over to someone once say being an answer brain I know I am a that I told you it was great, it’s ideal. So. Yeah my I’m like at the opposite end of where Jojo is as far as like relationship. Because I’m not I’m not there. So. Yeah we’re taking our time we don’t know rush would you be open to being the Bachelorette. I would have your answer what’s my answer I tell you would not do it why do you think that I’m too lazy person they can fake liking some okay matters tourney okay all across your face I’m like nicely voided 90% of all situations. I’m I readed my old episode the other day, and I was struggling a little bit emotionally nothing is you trying to like force yourself to like that men don’t I’m saying oh yeah. But. Yeah I feel like I’d really struggle cuz I love to sleep, and I don’t I do have a hard time like if I’m not into someone I’m just like I’m done, and if the producers like you like you know you have to go on a date with this guy or you have to kiss I’m gonna be like I was gonna say no maybe not the Bachelorette how about bachelor in paradise no definitely however. If I were to do any of them it would be Bachelorette. But I would be like oh it would never happen. But if you were caliber wow I don’t know what that means. But about the drama oh thanks bachelor in paradise is my favorite one to read it is so good, it’s fun I’m been chillin peridot. Yeah right she almost did winter games this last time. Yeah she was. Because I thought it was gonna be more like Road rules challenge or I was like actually chap I’m like. So competitive I’m like I don’t need to go on dates I just want to like compete, and I wasn’t prepared like that they like force being forced to date part of it which is the whole bachelor anyway. But bachelor in paradise it would be like my if my friends were on there, and they’re like I like that guy no I’d look okay oh no be. So fun though to just be on a beach for two weeks with your friends, and I’ll have to worry about a said there’s like crabs in the shower, and bed like I would not sleep I would be high it would just be bad.

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