Where will our ceremony take place?

The hotel wedding planner will show you the locations to choose from – usually in the gardens of your hotel, or in a decorated wedding pavilion. If you are marrying in Europe you may choose to exchange vows in the local church or town hall, or in Las Vegas, a wedding chapel. The hotel wedding co-ordinator will show you the locations to choose from. It’s unusual to have a ceremony on the beach, but many couples take beach photographs after the ceremony

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Later, the group of damaged Dutchmen came back into the bar to make peace and we ended up as a mob of friends, raucously chugging Heineken together and telling tales of other nights in other bars where similar antics had taken place; the girls were left out on the fringe, watching us curiously like we were lunatics. One of the most memorable nights out I had in a Far East bar was in Bislig, in Mindanao: the second-largest of the 7,000 islands that makes up the Philippines. Mindanao had a problem with Muslim separatists, who shot government officials from time to time and occasionally blew something up, to get increased press coverage. The Mindanao problem had been around for decades. During the Japanese occupation, the separatists stopped killing government officials and started killing Japanese. At the end of the Pacific War, the Japanese were driven out, so they reverted to their old practice of killing government officials again. When we arrived in Bislig, there had been a flare-up of hostilities after the separatists had discovered they received more media attention if they killed a foreign worker or a tourist. The government had sent in more troops and the shipping agent warned us not to go ashore: he was worried that we would be considered to be both foreign workers and tourists and would therefore be targeted as a sort of two-for-one offer. We thought this was nonsense and asked the Old Man if we could go ashore. He said he was quite happy as long as we had a guard; he gave the agent the task of providing one.

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