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Dynamic instrumental work

Lively arrangements of some traditional tunes mixed in with a couple of originals, a bluegrass classic and some obscure European folk material, all quite stunning but you would really expect nothing less than sparks to fly when fusing two quite brilliant musicians, accordionist Eddy Jay and multi award-winning harmonica player Will Pound.

The Irish reel Floating Candle a.k.a Golden Stud kicks things off, and a very appropriate opener it is too, giving full licence for each of them to display their virtuosity. It is not a surprise to learn that this is the track chosen for live radio performances. Howeve,r up next is probably my own favourite track, the enchanting and catchy traditional Barbarini’s Tambourine, named after the

18th century Italian ballerina Barbara Campanini and her tambourine dance.

The Will Pound original, The Reckoning, is exceptional as is the boys take on Ralph Stanley’s Clinch Mountain Backstep, a tune almost inevitably reminiscent at times of Earl Scruggs Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Also being a bit of a sucker for Romany music, the inclusion here towards the end of the album of polkas and rachenitsas with some great fiddle work was a most welcome surprise.

Although still in their late twenties, Will and Eddy have been around the folk scene for many years, playing in several bands and issuing solo albums. This partnership is, I suppose, just another stage in their development and may not last too long, in which case this album could become a collectors piece in years to come.

Will and Eddy have whole range of promotional gigs and festival appearances lined up between March and August. These tracks performed live will, I am sure, be exhilarating so get on to the website and pick upon them. Paul Collins


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