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Winter try-on haul Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my blog, and in today’s post I have a try-on haul for you. If you read Joanday, you might have seen me go into the stores to purchase or wear these items, but I thought it would be great to put all the items in one post. And I do want to say, Thank you to you, Urban Outfitters, for sponsoring this post. They contacted me, and I was really excited because back in college, after a final, a paper, or a midterm, I used to go to the store because it was conveniently located right in front of my school. So, it brought back old memories, but because Urban Outfitters isn’t in Korea, I, like, only go whenever I visit, but, yeah, thank you so much for sponsoring this post. And now, let’s get started. We’ll start with what I’m wearing right now, and it is this red blouse from Urban Outfitters. First of all, I love the color red.

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If you guys thought that black is my favorite color, you’re wrong. I love red nails, red lips, and red accessories. It’s just that majority of my closet is black, but I did pick up a lot of color this month. But what’s special about this blouse is the bell sleeves right here. And I really like how it’s open, so it’s perfect for, like, holiday parties, you know, when everyone is gathered in one room, the room could get really hot. But this kinda lets you breathe. So, I thought this was a great blouse to kinda add to my collection. And if you didn’t know, I love blouses. I actually have two more that I’m gonna talk about next, but I just really like the way it looks. And, yeah, it’s always good to have colored blouses. Next, we have this gray blouse from COS. And COS is a Swedish brand, and I picked this up yesterday, actually, in Itaewon. And I didn’t know that they had a shop, but it just looks so pretty and I had to enter. And what was special about this was also the sleeves. I just really thought it was very unique, and I like the color of this blouse, and I feel like, I’m definitely gonna wear this many, many times. So, yeah, I got this blouse.

The third blouse that I picked up is this pink one from The Kooples. The Kooples is a French brand, and it’s actually one of my favorites because I love how chic and edgy their clothes are. This is one of the few pink pieces in my closet. But, I just really like the color and this detail right here. I was really excited when I purchased it, so I texted a good amount of my friends telling them I bought a pink blouse. They didn’t think it was pink, but this is very pink to me. It’s my kind of pink, and I really like it. And I know I’m gonna wear this a lot during the spring and fall time. It’s just too cold to wear it because it is quite sheer. But, I mean, you can definitely layer, like, another cardigan and a coat over it. So, you can definitely make it work. Moving on to sweaters, I have this beige one from Urban Outfitters. This is a V-neck, and I really like how there’s a high and low cut to this at the bottom. It’s, like, perfect for tucking in. This is probably one of my softest sweaters out there, and it’s very cozy, and perfect for the wintertime. Next, I have this vintage holiday sweater.

This is definitely a perfect sweater for any ugly Christmas sweater parties out there. It’s tweedy and I love red, so this is a perfect Christmas sweater. And I think I got really lucky because it did say on the website that it’s gonna be very random. And I was like, What if I don’t like it? But I love it. Now, a perfect transition from sweater to outerwear. We have this cardigan. This is a plush cardigan. And it really feels like a plushy. One of the main reasons why I wanted to add this to my cart was because a few people reviewed how soft this cardigan was, and I’m really into soft material. So, yeah, I really like this color. It came in a few others, but I felt like this is something that I can match well with a lot of the clothes in my closet right now. But, yeah, it’s very, very soft. Next, we have a hoodie, and this is from Mixxmix. It says Heart Club on it. And on the back, it also has another detail saying Our Heart on it. In a previous fashion post, I shared some of my favorite Korean brands, and Mixxmix was on there.

And while I was recording the screen, I saw that EXO Kai, Han Ye-seul, IU, Lee Sung-kyung were all wearing this in, like, many different colors. But I was looking for a mustard sweater. And also, Kai was wearing this one. So, I went into a Mixxmix with Ashley, actually. And we both walked out with an oversized sweater. This is so soft, and it’s also very comfortable, oversized. The problem I have with this sweater is, I do have a lot of black T-shirts, and I would wear black T-shirts under this shirt. But the, like, lint transfers onto the shirt, so it gets really annoying. So, I recommend wearing something, like a shirt you don’t care about. During the wintertime, I never like to take off my sweaters anyway because it’s so cold out. But, yeah, that’s like the main thing I don’t like about this sweater. But I can’t do anything about it, like, I, like, I tried it on at the store, and I didn’t have a problem with that. So, maybe, after a few washes, it’ll stop doing it. But, yeah, I do like how cute it is. The final outerwear I have is this wool blazer right here, and I love the detail of this. And it really gives me Jessica Jung vibes.

She posted a lot of pictures on her Instagram wearing one from her line, BLANC & ECLARE. And I wanna buy it but, I don’t know where to buy it in Korea. So, maybe I’ll order it online one day. But it gave me boss lady vibes, and I really like how chic it looked. And, also, after I received it, I realized that the quality isn’t bad either. So, I can’t wait to start wearing this. It is too cold to wear it right now, but I definitely know that this will come in handy in the future. Next, I ordered high-rise pants. This is navy and there are, like, vertical stripes on it, which I absolutely love because every time I wear pants like this I look taller than I actually am. This would definitely look good with the beige sweater that I showed earlier because you could tuck it in, or any casual T-shirts. I just feel like this is something that I can wear a lot. And finally, we have the GRLFRND Karolina high-rise skinny jeans. And as you can see, this is a very holey jean. But I’ve been eyeing GRLFRND jeans for some time now because a lot of my favorite fashion bloggers talk highly about the brand because they are so comfortable and they love how it fits. It actually came in the wrong size and I do have to return them. Luckily, I checked online and REVOLVE has a customer service in Korea, so it’s really easy to exchange.

But I’m really excited to get this in my size. because even though this is quite big on me, I felt why the bloggers raved about the fit. Because even though it was oversize, it looked good and it felt good. So, I know for a fact that when my size comes, I know I’ll be wearing them a lot. All right, so that is it for the haul. I hope you guys found this post helpful. I’ll make sure to link everything in the description box for you. And I’ll see you guys in my next one. Bye!

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