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LAVENDER For Your Hair and Skin

Lavandula spp.

Everybody knows this fragrant plant. Herbalists call it a thymoleptic, which means it raises the spirits. Women short haircut This, combined with its anti-infective action and relaxing properties, makes Lavender a powerful remedy.The essential oil is used externally for relaxation and to heal sores and burns. Lavender can also be taken internally in a tea or tincture. It is also an ideal remedy for irritation, indigestion and for the onset of a migraine attack.

Parts used: Dried root.

Dose: Ig per day.

MINT For Your Hair and Skin

Mentha spp.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is a hybrid between Spearmint and Watermint. It is antiseptic and anti-parasitic, and will reduce itching. It has a temporary anaesthetic effect on the skin and gives the impression of cooling. It is included in lotions for massaging aching muscles, and makes an effective footbath.

Parts used: Leaves and flowers.

Dose: 1 tsp dried/2 tsp fresh to a cup of boiling water.

It is important that it is avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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